Discord email is already registered

Discord email is already registered

Discord is becoming the popular app among the zoom generation where everything is decided on zoom or other live calling apps. When we talk about games and how players communicate with each other, they can do so with other apps but they do not have that comfort level that they can attain while using the discord app.

Discord app is designed to aid communication for gamers, and it provides you all the facilities in the best way.

If you want to enter into this amazing and easy world of communication, you must have a PC or mobile phone, and most important you have an email address. Your privacy always comes first, so register your registered email and set the password to allow only you to access your account.

But sometimes you have to face problems like a notification pop up on your screen with message discord email is already registered.

In this article, we will help you to resolve his issue with easy and simple steps. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your account; there can be several reasons for this notification. At the end of this article, you will be able to resolve your issue regarding your email and you can also learn how you can secure your data and account.

Discord nitro

Discord is a free app that allows you to communicate but if you want more fun and adventure then you can have discord nitro. To use this version of the discord app you have to pay a fixed amount every month. The benefit you can get from discord nitro is high resolution of pictures, high-quality sound, screen sharing, and live streaming with HD resolution.

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Creating a new Discord account 

Setting up your account and verification of a discord app is not a tough task. You have to follow some simple steps and you will be in the discord community.

  • In the first step, open the browser and install the discord app.
  • After the installation, enter the username that you want to appear publicly.
  • After creating a user name, a captcha is shown and you have to complete it.
  • A notification will appear on your screen with “startup” click this and skip the server option for now.
  • In the next step, discord will demand your email address, after entering the email address you will receive a link in your email.
  • Click this link; make a strong password click ok.

This is done, now you are a registered user of the discord app for communication with gamers and many other purposes.

Fix Discord email is already registered

Discord is the application that allows only one account to register on your email address. Like other applications, you cannot set several accounts on a single email address. If you want to make multiple accounts on discord you must have multiple email addresses.

When you are logging into your account, you can accidentally make another account instead of logging into your previous account when you again open your real account and insert your identity a notification will come showing your email address is already registered.  To solve this issue follow some simple steps and get your real account back with the same email address.

  1. Close the discord app, and open a new tab in your browser.
  2. Search for the discord app, and open it in the browser without downloading.
  3. When the login screen becomes visible, enter your email address, and instead of filing a password click on forget the password.
  4. When you click on forget the password, within a few seconds you will receive an email in your account with a link to reset your password.
  5. Click on this link and set a strong password, and then again log in with your existing email address and new password.

You will be redirected to the discord account that you have made first. 

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Steps to do before resetting your password 

Discord allows you to share your achievements and fun moments with your special friends or publicly. Not just you can talk in different communities you can also make separate private links and share this with your few friends. If you are ready to set this error message of discord email is already registered you must follow some precautions:

  • You have to open the discord app from a browser not from your PC or mobile phone.
  • Before resetting the password you must log in to your account whether on a PC or mobile phone.
  • You should know the email address and password of your discord account.

If you are done with all the above precautions, you can easily reset your password and log in to your account. 

How to make your Discord account safe and secure?

Although the discord app is safe and secure to use, still your luck may take you in danger and your data may get hacked. To protect yourself from hackers you must follow the following security steps that will make your account completely safe from outside danger.

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Make your account secure

You can make your account secure in two steps. In the first step, you have to choose a strong password and in the second step, you have to enable two-factor authentication.

Secure password

The password you are choosing for your discord account must be strong, try to use different numbers, upper and lower case as well as different symbols. If your password is simple anyone can trace this with little effort. By creating a complex password you are giving a little more protection to your account.

Two-factor authentication:

Every password is susceptible to hacking even if it is very complex. Most communication applications do allow this two-factor authentication, but fortunately, this feature is present for discord. 

You can make your password completely safe and protected by enabling two-factor authentications. With this feature, only you can access your account, with no fear of being hacked.

Set your privacy settings 

Privacy settings are very important even after strong password and two-factor authentication, these settings enable you to set the data type and people sharing it. 

Media settings 

In this option of settings, you will get three options that give you control over who can send you videos.

  • Keep me safe mode allows the app to scan every video and then monitor its content. If it is safe then you will see the notification and if it is against some rules and points the sender is automatically blocked.
  • My friends are nice: this mode allows the app to scan the content of everyone except your friends. The sender who is not your friend his video is scanned and is blocked if the content has some safety risk.
  • No scan: this feature denies the app to scan any message and no one is blocked who is sending messages to you whether he knows you or not.

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Direct message and friend requests settings 

The next step in the safety and privacy setting is to manage who can message you and at last who can send you a friend request.

In the message option, there are three possibilities are present regarding your security issues:

  • You can receive messages from only a limited number of people that you have mentioned.
  • In the next form of setting, you are allowed to change the setting in which only people on your friend list can send you direct messages.
  • In the last option, you are permitting everyone and anyone who is a discord user can message you directly.

The last privacy and safety setting is to give permission that can send you a friend request.

  • If you select everyone, this will make your account public, anyone who can see your account can send you a friend request.
  • If you activate friends of friends only people in the friend list of your friends can search you in the search engine and send you a friend request.
  • If you are a server member then you can also enable the setting of a server that allows every member of the server in a channel to send you a friend request.
  • If you want to keep your account completely private you can disable all the options, but still, you can send a friend request to anyone. 

Completely follow the safe account practices

If you are using discord then you must be aware of your safety. If you completely follow the safe account practices then you will be saved from any incident that leads to your account deletion and hacking.

  • Never open a link from a sender who is on your friend list. Before opening a link, confirm the authenticity of the sender.
  • Do not download a file from some new user; it may lead to sharing your data with the person who is sharing the file.
  • Your account is safe until you share your account information with someone.
  • Never share your password and email address with other persons. The different users of discord may talk to you and can take your sensitive information and you will be devoid of your account ownership.

Your safety is very important, by following these safety and easy steps you can keep your discord account safe and free from any other outer interference. Showing a message of discord email is already registered does not mean your account is hacked; this may be a cause of your negligence.

Wrap Up

In an outstanding world of communication, you are always susceptible to new errors that may be the result of app issues and sometimes by your negligence. Discord email is already registered and may pop up on your screen sometimes, due to two reasons. One is that you have accidentally made another account with the same email address and in the second one your account is being hacked.

To keep your account safe we have mentioned all the steps that you can follow and save your account. We also have discussed how you can claim your account if you have lost it by mistake.

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