Something short about TechnoChops

TechnoChops (“We,” “Our,” “Us”) is a news website that primarily covers the latest happenings in the tech landscape in the Philippines and in the world. We cater mainly to Filipino readers across the globe.

Our Editorial Team

Our Editorial Team currently composes of the Managing Editor, an Editor, a Copy Editor, and Reporters who have a degree of expertise on the topic they cover.

Our guiding principles and publishing policies

We are guided by the following principles

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

TechnoChops reserves the right to determine if a material submitted should be published or not on the site. The following are not permitted, but not limited to:

  • blatantly satanic
  • sexually suggestive or child pornography
  • inciting hate or violence against groups, gender, religion, or race
  • inciting rebellion against the government
  • denial of what has happened in history
  • fake/inaccurate news
  • gambling articles
  • plagiarized
  • asking for links that really cross the line of link spamming
  • contents intended for black hat SEO

Although there are not much of sensitive issues when covering gadgets and electronics, we still, however, strive to uphold the principle that news should be accurate, unbiased, and balanced.

We also strive to hear both sides by contacting them in any possible way such as sending an email, inviting for exclusive interviews, or contacting them through their phone numbers or social media accounts. If the concerned party would like to issue their statements, they can always contact TechnoChops and air their side.

As much as possible, we do not rephrase any exclusive statements coming from concerned parties. We will only rephrase statements for clarity and language translation, i.e., Filipino language to English.

We also publish opinions and reviews on gadgets and tech issues. The views expressed by the writers or contributors shall be theirs alone and not necessarily those of the TechnoChops Editorial Team and the management as a whole.

Contributing at TechnoChops

For contributors, we only accept original contents that mainly seek to inform readers. We reserve the right to refuse posts without stating our reasons. To give a general idea what we prefer to publish, the topic should:

  • be related to tech.
  • have 900-1,500 words.
  • not plagiarized. Copyscape result should be submitted first.
  • be unique, well-researched, authoritative, informative, accurate, and based on facts.
  • not contain spammy or keyword-rich links.
  • not violate our existing Editorial Policies.

For other info on the guidelines we also seek to follow, please read this content about contributor posts, guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts.

For contributors, you need to submit the following:

  • The topic. Please do not give us general ideas. Be specific; otherwise, there’s a high likelihood that we will ignore you.
  • A link to your Facebook profile. We want to get a general idea of who you are.
  • A profile picture. Not a company logo, please.
  • Any mobile number where readers can contact you.
  • Your office address.

Contributor posts will go through an editorial process and will always be nofollow-ed (rel=”nofollow”). Please take note that we do not pay anything for contributing.

TechnoChops also reserves the right to change this Editorial Policy any time. Readers can keep themselves updated by visiting this page.