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We have seen how technology became an encompassing influence and necessity in people’s lives; hence, we aim to make sure that people are in the loop about the goings-on in this field.

The Philippines is one of the countries in the world where technology drives the people. Four out of five Filipinos own smartphones or any other gadget they use for personal or business use. Therefore, TechnoChops believes that knowledge and education are the key for Filipinos to be able to utilize technology to its fullest extent.

Our articles cover various topics about science and technology (the Internet, Cloud, gadgets, software, etc.) drawn from the latest newsreviews, and exclusive stories researched and created by our team of journalists and tech enthusiasts. You can see them at the Meet the Team section.

On top of that, we cover once in a while some other news such as entertainment, sports, health, anime, and everything else that may be of interest to our audience for a little bit of diversity.


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Our talented team, in essence, are a bunch of volunteers who have had experiences in journalism, editing, marketing, teaching, among others.

Our vision of being the most preferred and trusted technology and science news source in the Philippines can never be done in the blink of an eye. We also know it needs more funding. However, by pursuing expertise, accuracy, and trustworthiness, we can achieve that one story at a time.


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  • To become the most preferred and trusted technology and science news source in the Philippines and by the Filipino communities abroad.


We use technology in several ways: contact our friends, watch our favorite TV shows, take snaps of our food, inform others, give us entertainment in our spare time, etc. But if we pause for a while and look around us, it turns out that life is more than selfies and video games. There are thousands of needs that have to be met.