How to restart Discord?

how to restart discords

In this article, we will discuss that how we can restart discord.  Whenever we use technology, restarting comes in our mind, because it is an integral part of technology. We often restart our mobiles, laptops, and other apps, whenever we find some issues. So, the following article will deal with this issue that what are the following ways, by which we can restart discord.

Usually, we restart our apps, when we find some troubles with our apps. Then finding these problems the best solution that comes in our mind is restart. There are multiple ways to do so. It is very well known truth, that be it our mobile devices of laptop, if there happens to be any glitch we simply restart them. The same is the case with discord.

Reason of inconvenience or glitches in the app:

There could be multiple reasons, but the most important is that, there are so many servers, in this application that may lead to glitches, but the best option is always restart, refresh or reset the app.

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How to restart discord on PC:

If you have installed the discord application on your laptop then we have got four ways to restart discord:

Restart the discord with (x) button:

First of all, we can restart the discord by using the (x) button, present on the top right corner of the laptop screen.

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Restart the discord with the Task Manager:

Secondly, we can restart by using the task manger, this is the simple method. First of all, you have to click the ctrl +Alt +Delete button on your keyboard at once. Then you will see a menu, and you have to select the option of ‘’ Task Manger’’.  After this, you have to click on ‘’discord’’ in the task manager window, and then click on ‘’End Task’’.

Restart discord with the clear app data and Local Application data:

As there are four ways to restart the discord, we have another way of restarting the discord by using the run search application. First of all, you have to open run search box, then type app data in the box, here you will look for the discord folder and after finding the app right click on it. Now, you have to select ‘’ delete’’ and it will delete the data from the app. Now, you can download the app again.

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Restart the discord by Flushing the DNS:

For this method, you have to open the search box. In the search box enter cmd and enter it. After this you will be given command, after having command prompt typeipconfig/flushdns and hit enter. This method is also very simple and most commonly used. Now, you can relaunch the app.

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To conclude, this was the full description and guidance for the beginners, who find difficulty while using apps. This article contains more than one way of restarting so; anyone of these methods can be used for the purpose of restarting.

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