Can You Get Discord on PS4?


A well-known name, Discord, has rapidly grown and gained popularity among gamers that you can control. It is a fantastic app that helps people staying connected and enjoy being alone in a home surviving the COVID pandemic. It is an online podium that allows its users to communicate within communities known as servers or even in private.

Moreover, you can now have music bots to enjoy more and make your experience a bit more fun. Also, if you buy the Nitro version of Discord, you will benefit a lot more. It can enhance your all-in-one Discord video, voice, and even text chat too. You can also make your animated and custom emojis, send animated avatars during the game through Discord Nitro.

This app was initially created for mobile and PC gamers, but it grew day by day and approached Xbox one and Xbox 360. Now it is PS4’s turn; many Discord users were emailing them to provide them with a separate app compatible with the PS4 console. Do you think it is still not available? Fortunately, you’re mistaken; the procedure is a bit time consuming but will definitely help you access Discord on PS4. Astonished? Yes, this is now possible. Stay with us to know more about Discord on PS4.

Discord on PS4

After the collaboration of Microsoft and Discord when Xbox was made available for Discord users, now it’s the turn of PS4. The answer to the question ‘can you get discord on PS4’ is yes, you can. You must sign in for your Discord account; if you don’t own one, make sure to sign up for a Discord app or account. You need to follow a tricky procedure to install Discord on PS4; you might require some equipment to initiate the process.

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How do I use Discord on PS4?

Discord is the perfect method to remain in touch with other PS4 players in a wide selection of games, with various PS4 exclusive and PS4 Indie games to choose from. We expect Sony’s next-generation PlayStation, the PS5, to allow Discord for PS5 games when it launched in 2020.

Now that we’ve established whether you can get Discord on PS4, the next topic to consider is how you can utilize Discord on PS4. First things first, you must check for the required accessories for a setup of Discord on PS4. You will need:

  • A headset that looks like the A 40 TR. An optical cable and a USB port are required. Make sure the headphones are PS4 compatible.
  • Mix Amp is a programme that is comparable to Mix Amp Pro. Allows you to switch between your PS4 console and your computer’s audio.
  • Cable. A 5 mm male to male audio cable extension with a 3.5 mm auxiliary splitter is recommended.
  • Download the Discord app on your computer or phone.

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Installing the Discord app isn’t much complicated; you can check their official website to download the app on your desktop. Follow the following to get Discord on PS4.

  • Create a Discord account on any device, whether a computer or a smartphone.
  • From your PS4, open the browser.
  • In your browser, type Discord.
  • Click OK, then enter your username and password.
  • Go to your Discord account and sign in.

The following steps will guide you on using Discord on PS4, and we suggest you follow each step carefully to avoid any mistakes.

  • To modify the audio, connect the optical connections between your Mix Amp Pro TR and PS4.
  • Change the primary output connector to digital output in PS4 Settings> Audio & Display> Audio Output Settings.
  • One end of the USB cable should be connected to your base station, while you should connect the other to your computer. Otherwise, your base station will not work. Make sure it is set to PC mode.
  • Open Discord on your PC and adjust the input device in your Mix Amp’s language settings.
  • Use a 3.5 mm audio jack as the recommended connector and output through the computer speakers.
  • Return to your Discord language settings and select the computer speakers as the output source.

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Can I join the bonus feature ‘PS4 party’ on PC?

Yes, you can join the PlayStation 4 party on your PC. Let’s speak about the PS4 party before going into “How to join a PS4 party on PC.” One of Sony’s unique features for PS4 owners is party chat. It allows players to communicate with other team members via voice chat while playing, adding excitement. Not to mention the ability to share your screen with other teammates.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking instructions on how to join PS4 party chat on PC. To join PS4 Party Chat on PC, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

To use PS4 party chat on your PC, you must first sync your console with your computer. Then you’ll want to get Remote Play for PS4, which is a function that allows you to stream your favourite PS4 games from any device, anywhere. Simply download Remote Play, install it on your computer, and start using it. If you want to read a detailed guide on how to join PS4 part on a PC, you can check on the internet; many artefacts explain the procedure in much detail.


Discord was not an app for a PS4, but fortunately, we got the privilege and access to Discord on PS4. The answer to the question ‘can you get Discord on PS4’ is well defined in this article above. Although the procedure looks a bit challenging but trusts us, it’s worth it. Also, the accessories this procedure require are very cheap; you can quickly get them online or in stores. We hope this article helped you install Discord on PS4 and let you enjoy yourself with your fellows and friends.

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