What is a Discord Server?

Discord server

Now, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to invite your friends to your place, playing video games leaning on the couch. You can now play games in connection with your friends through the world’s largest and favorite chat app.

This app is a blessing for gaming enthusiasts as they don’t need to gather at one place to enjoy the experience and communicate together. Especially in this pandemic where social distance and ‘stay home, stay safe’ slogans trend a lot.

Discord has gained rounds of applause for providing users with the best chatting experience through voice, text, and video. What’s better than staying connected with your fellows while playing games and maintaining SOPS too? Lol. To date, there are tens of millions of Discord users starting from the age of 13th and onwards. It is a room for people belonging to every community relating to gaming, arts, mental health support, dance classes, and much more.

What is the meaning of Discord Server?

Do you want to know ‘what is Discord server’? There are some terms used that are a bit different because they own a unique vocabulary. You might have heard some Discord users talking using additional terms relating to their experience and membership. Let’s figure out what server means in Discord.

The rooms at Discord are servers. Specific groups and groups of friends are created. Most servers and invitations are small. The more considerable servers are sometimes public. Every community on Discord is given the name of the server. Each user can freely launch a new server and invite friends to join them.

You can see the list of members of the server on the right side of your screen. And if you want to message a friend, add a friend, search for servers, and check if anyone mentioned you in a server, you could watch all that at the top or the bottom of your mobile screen.

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Most servers are private, welcoming locations where groups of friends and communities can remain in contact. More open, larger, more available communities, like popular games such as Minecraft and Fortnite, also focus on issues.

All talks are opt-in, so people have complete control over who they talk to and their Discord experience. Discord servers are arranged into text and voice channels which frequently have various rules for specific subjects.

Usually, each server includes numerous channels, each of which consists of a different theme or rules. Users can post files and share images at any moment with others through text channels. Users can connect to their screen with their pals via audio or video chats on voice channels in real-time. We call it live.

Also, you may want to give your community server (or your own) a boost when you are a huge admirer of a community. Like Nitro, Server Boost servers offer specific advantages such as increased emotions, improved audio and video quality, and the possibility of creating a personalized invitation connection. You can buy reinforcements of servers independently or with Nitro.

Can starting my server be free on Discord?

It is free to start your server and to connect to other ones. There are thousands of Discord servers, each with a particular theme. You might locate a Discord Server for it if you’re interested in anything. This theme particularly applies to video games, the most considerable servers on Discord.

Google “[insert topic here] Discord servers” to locate new servers for membership. You can also utilize Discord’s search engine, but be aware that not all, just the most popular servers, are tracked. You can use instructions like “/gypsy” or “/ spoiler” during your chat, for example, to add a GIF or make a spoiler for your message.

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Like other chat applications, Discord allows you to send messages to other users immediately. You can talk to them using voice or video chat when you do. You may also connect Discord to applications like YouTube and Spotify. And the platform is both mobile and desktop, so that you can utilize it on any device.

How many Discord servers can a single person join?

Every single Discord user can join more than 100 servers at a time, and from which servers a user wants to be notified can be adapted. Even for each server, you join, you can give yourself another nickname. You are also allowed to send an invitation to a server from being in a server, even if your friends don’t share a server for direct communications.

Even if there are above 25,000 Discord users online at the same time, the owner should report Discord Support to prevent connection issues. Every single Discord server can hold more than 500,000 members. A server will be able to hold a maximum of 50 categories, with a total maximum of 500 channels.

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Is Discord Server safe?

Discord is easy to use securely with the correct privacy settings and monitoring. If you’ve followed the appropriate steps of the privacy settings, there is no way the Discord server isn’t safe. When it comes to opening chat rooms and applications, however, there is always a risk.

The safest approach to use Discord is just to accept requests from friends and to join private servers with people you know. Millions of people are now using Discord because of its safer services and satisfying customer care.


This article carried enough information to answer your question ‘What is a Discord Server?’. After knowing the terms and vocabulary used in Discord language, you can step ahead to join Discord and enjoy the best gaming experience by staying connected with your fellows.

Discord not only facilitate gaming enthusiast but is also leaned towards people from many other communities. Now, you can easily communicate with your fellows of every class through voice, text, or video chat. Also, joining a server for larger communities will help you communicate with a large number of people at a time.

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