How to Add/Remove Discord Playing Status

Add Remove Discord Playing Status

When playing games, players frequently face two challenges: how to communicate with one another and how to arrange people long enough to start a game.

Discord is one of the world’s best multifunctional communication apps. It has become the best app for the gaming community with millions of users worldwide to chill and communicate in online multiplayer games with their squads, thanks to features like voice chat, screen sharing, and the addition of music bots to servers.

Discord even allows you to display your playlist status and you are at the proper spot if you wonder how to change the Discord status.

However, the platform is simple to use, knowing how to use a certain function might be overwhelming for newcomers. As a result, we’ve included instructions on how to change the playing status of Discord on both the PC and mobile versions of the app in this article.

What is discord?

Discord is a chat app that has now become a worldwide communication platform for gamers and can do much more than simply send a basic text or voice message, offering many amazing capabilities, such as custom servers, voice channels, and a lot of integrations, that are suitable for gaming.

Discord’s main feature is that it allows users to customize their experience in a variety of ways and it doesn’t matter if it’s about nicknames, usernames, emotes backdrop, or text layout. Discord also supports a broad range of bots, as well as allowing developers to explore and create their own custom versions of the main app.

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So, how does Discord work? 

In one word server! Discord, like other chat apps like Slack, allows you to create a server, or chat room, to which you may invite others. When you invite someone to the server, they will receive a link that will allow them to join the server and text or voice chat with other users.

Instead of one single large forum, each server can be split down into “channels”—small areas where certain topics can be discussed. Channels are available in text and voice forms to facilitate their use. Individual channels on your server can also be made private, allowing only those who have been invited to use them. Furthermore, the entire server can be made public which allowing everyone to join, or private that allowing only invited guests to join.

Joining a server is as simple as clicking a link, however, you must first be invited because many servers are open to the public and may be found using Discord’s search function — for example, Pokémon Go players in Los Angeles have a public “PoGo LA” server that anybody can join to organize gameplay in their city.

Verified servers built by game studios and other significant entities that act as official community forums for fans to speak with each other and with game developers which is recently added to Discord.

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What separates Discord from other platforms?

Despite the fact that there are many free communication apps available online, Discord stands out due to its extensive chat features. It combines all of the greatest features of popular apps like Skype and Slack with a user-friendly design. A voice chat application would not be very helpful if your games are slowed down while you used it, that is why the Discord team aims to make it as effective as possible.

Large numbers of users have embraced Discord because of its versatility as a platform to meet and communicate with others who have common interests, not simply friends. It’s a mixture of a communication app and a social networking platform. While the chat room side of the application is likely to be the most popular for public or private users, it also offers a social platform for arranging games. 

Basically, to make Discord useful, you don’t need video games: It is incredibly convenient to enter into a private server with groups of friends or meet others of the same mindset. You can set up a Discord server in a variety of ways by establishing a range of members’ roles such as creating roles for other administrators and moderators or defining a specific role for your active users.

Discord is also available in a number of ways, making it easy to use even if you are not in front of a gaming PC. The app comes in three versions: a downloaded PC program, a web-based version, and a mobile version. The downloadable PC application is the most convenient and lightweight form for running in the background while you play games.

This indicates that you can basically communicate and expand the social capabilities of the app from anywhere on your Discord chat servers.

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Where do you get Discord?

Discord is available for free download, whether you want to use it on your desktop or laptop or access it through the web. You can download the Discord app if you want to use it on the go and it has many versions for Android, iOS phones, and tablets. To find the right app for your device, go to the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store.

How to add Discord Playing status?

Discord identifies the game you’re playing and displays it as “Playing” in your status if it’s a verified game. If you’re playing Fifa 21, for example, Discord will detect the presence of Fifa21 and update your status message to Playing Fifa 21. Discord will not immediately identify you when you play an unapproved game. Then, by adding the game, you have to manually set your Discord status. Here is how can you do it:

Step 1: Select ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down menu and in the left sidebar, scroll down to ‘Activity Status’ and choose it.

Step 2: Select ‘Add it!’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3. Discord will show you all open applications and choose the game you want to play,  

an indication appears immediately below the title name ‘Now Playing!’. You can now notice that your current status has been updated to “Playing…” if you exit the Discord settings. You can fix it if your game activity is not showing.

How to remove Discord Playing status?

You can opt not to display the Discord ‘Playing’ status if you don’t want your friends or other users to know which game you’re presently playing. Here you can find how to do it:

Step 1: As mentioned before, go to ‘User Settings’ > ‘Activity Status.’

Step 2: Turn off the option to display current activities as a status message.

That’s all; other users will no longer be able to see your playing status on Discord.

Note: If you don’t want others to know what game you’re playing, you may choose to show another program instead. For example, in this drop-down, choose ‘Google Chrome’, ‘Notepad,’ or anything else:

How to set a custom status in Discord?

Rather than the usual “Playing” status, Discord lets you show a personalized message. Here’s how it’s done:

For each of the four basic status categories, Discord also allows you to create a custom status where you can customize your displayed status message.

Step 1. Select ‘Set a custom status’ from your avatar then enter your own status message in the pop-up dialogue box, then choose the desired ‘Clear after’ parameter to tell Discord when to stop showing it.

For example, Discord will stop showing this Custom Status Message within 4 hours when you set it to 4 hours. You may also select an emoji that will follow your status message for a visual feeling.

Step 2. To set the status, click ‘Save’ after typing in your personalized message that’s all; your status has now been updated.

Note: Click your Avatar again and then click on the cross symbol next to your status, if you no longer want the custom status message display.

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Additional FAQs 

What is the activity status on Discord?

Whether you’re busy or AFK is displayed in your Discord status. You may change it on the Discord website, the Windows or Mac desktop app, or the Android, iPhone, or iPad mobile app.

 Can we change the discord playing status on the mobile app?

Yes, It’s simple to change the Discord playing status with a custom message on the Discord mobile app. On a mobile device, here’s how to change Discord’s playing status:

Step 1: Get the Discord app on your phone and open it and select the three horizontal lines that depict a dropbox in the main menu’s left corner.

Step 2: On the bottom right of the screen, tap on your user’s profile image and then select the Set Status option from the User Settings menu.

What do we put for Discord playing status?

You can put discord playing status in many ways.

  • Aesthetic Text Fonts: Text generators use to make interesting fonts for your status. 
  • Include Kaomoji: Kaomoji is a cute way to spice up your status!
  • Recreate an Aesthetic: Try using unique text fonts and emoticons to recreate your favorite looks!
  • Add Emoji: Emoji may be added at the end, beginning, or middle of status to provide a visual effect.

How do you view game status on Discord?

To get this, click the cog on the bottom left of your username to access your User’s settings. Go to the Games Register then. In this section, you may either opt to show your running game or not.

Can you see your own status on Discord?

While you won’t be able to view your own playing status on mobile (whether it’s Spotify or a PC game) but your friends will be able to see what you’re playing or listening to!


In this informative article, you knew about discord playing status. Overall, Discord is beneficial to both gamers and non-gamers. It’s a strong messaging app, and we believe it’ll meet the demands of most people seeking a way to connect, whether they’re gamers or not. Discord is one of the greatest messaging applications available today, thanks to its inexpensive entry price, wide availability, and superb video chat functionality.

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