Fix: Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

Discord Awaiting Endpoint

Discord is a well-known social website used for communication. You can video call, voice call, text, or send pictures or videos through this application. Discord is mainly used by gamers to chat or call while playing games but it is also used in the cooperate sector to connect with different people and expand the business.

Discord is getting more and more signups as it is a very reliable digital distribution platform and they are trying their best to match up the level of other competitor applications.

That being said, any website or application is not completely error-free, some problems need sorting. Some of the users complain about the discord awaiting endpoint error that causes them trouble. This is a very common complaint that is observed however, this is not a big issue and can be resolved easily by following a few steps.

What is Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

Discord awaiting endpoint error is an issue that occurs sometimes when the user cannot connect to the discord server. This happens if the discord server is down due to any reason or this usually happens if you have a slow internet connection or any other network problem that causes failure of connection to the discord server.

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7 Ways to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error

If you face discord awaiting endpoint error then it cannot be resolved by itself. You will have to follow some steps to resolve this issue. We will be discussing every way of resolving this issue as quickly and easily as you can, so let’s get started.

1. Waiting for the server to reconnect on its own

The first way to resolve this problem is to wait for the server to catch better connections and get connected by itself. The error may be due to the server of your region being down therefore, to regain connectivity you might have to wait for the server to be active again but this might take time as the servers if down, requires time to connect and start operating normally.

You can opt for this process if you have an ample amount of time and you are not in a hurry to socialize. Due to the long wait, people do not prefer this method and want a solution to their problem as soon as possible therefore you can try other better ways of fixing your issue.

2. Restart Discord

Another way to resolve awaiting endpoint error is to restart the Discord app. Restarting is quite simple, all you have to do is close the application and make sure the app is closed from the background running apps too. In most cases by doing so, the app starts working like normal but if this does not solve your issue then you can move on to the next approach.

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3. Fix your Internet Connection

As mentioned earlier, discord awaiting endpoint error could be due to the slow internet connection also. If restarting the discord app is not helpful for you, try to fix your internet connection or check your internet settings to see if you have proper signals of your internet on whatever device you are using for discord.

 You can also check your internet’s proper functioning by opening any other app and checking if that app is working properly, if not then there is an issue with your internet only.

Many times, we tend to ignore the minor details but it is important to make sure your internet connectivity is strong enough to support the active working of the application you are using.

4. Use “VPN”

You can also try to connect to discord by opening it on a VPN. Sometimes there is an issue with your network due to which you face this problem, connection through a Virtual Private Network might resolve your problem.

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Usually connecting from a VPN helps with opening many applications or websites that show some kind of error if you follow the standard process.

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5. Check for Outages or Chang Your Server Region

After making sure your internet connectivity is strong enough to support the app, then your issue might be due to the server being down. You can check if your server is down by going to the “down detector” and searching for discord, by this way you can see if you are the only one facing this issue and only your region’s server is down.

 If so, your way out of this problem could be by waiting for the app to be brought back up on its own, or another way of resolving this problem could be changing the server region on your computer or whatever device you are using.

You can change your server region by following a few steps, this could help you switch up your server region to a region that is still working properly, this change could help you connect to the app without any further hassle. We will be step-wise explaining how you could change your server region below:

  1. Open your discord app
  2. Look for the “settings” option on the app
  3. Next, go to the option “server settings”
  4. You will see an option of “overview” click on that
  5. From there you can select whatever region that might be working

Lastly, refresh your page and see if discord is now working.

6. Update Your App

The reason for discord awaiting endpoint error could also be due to your app being outdated. To update your app, go to your App store, or play store if you are an android user. Click on the update option and wait for the latest version to be updated on your phone. After you have updated the latest version of discord on your device, check if your issue is resolved.

Another way of updating the app on your PC is to run the discord app as the administrator. This could be done by going to your program and right-clicking on it to choose the option of “Run as administrator”. This allows the app to have full administrative advantages and that enables it to get updated on its own.

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7. Reinstall Discord 

If you have tried everything and nothing is working out for you then your last resort is to uninstall the app from your phone or your PC. By doing so you will get rid of any glitches or another problem that caused you this trouble.

Not only that but reinstalling the app can also update the discord in your device automatically if the present application was out of version.

Reinstalling discord is easy, all you have to do is go to your “control panel” then go to “programs” and select the option of “uninstall the program”. Once your application is uninstalled you can reinstall it again.

If you are using discord on your phone then go to the play store and search for discord in the search engine. Click on the option “uninstall” and once the application is uninstalled, install it again from the same place.

If nothing works out for you, this could be a solution to your problem as sometimes due to application glitches these errors tend to happen.


All of the possible ways of fixing discord awaiting endpoint are discussed in detail above. We are pretty sure that you have already solved your issue by going through this article by now, but even if none of this works for you then there must be some other problem with your application.

Try contacting “Discord support” and inform them about your issue. There is a possibility that the error is from their end and if complained about the problem, they could help you get rid of your issue in no time.

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