What is Optimal Discord Banner Size?

Discord Banner Size

Discord has always been beneficial to its users by providing them enough privilege and perks of being their customers. Being in a server, you can pay to get some extra perks and enjoy more, and if you get enough server boosts, you are automatically provided with some features. When a server crosses level 2, one of the fantastic perks is unlocked.

This feature will allow you to create a unique identity on Discord by adding a server banner background. Sounds amazing. Right? Let’s have a look at Nitro users on Discord. Are you a Nitro user? If yes, do you know Discord has introduced a new feature for Nitro users? Yes, Discord has blessed its Nitro users to change their Banner image with the help of the desktop application of Discord.

Yes, this feature will only be available in desktop applications and not mobile app. Do you want to know what Discord server banner background is? And what would it take to make it look good alongside Discord banner size? You will see the banner on the top left side of your screen, aren’t you able to see it? If you don’t see it which simply means you or your server has not gotten access yet to this feature.

As mentioned above, claiming this feature would require a server to reach level 2, where you will achieve 15 server boosts. Do you think boosts will remain permanently? If yes, you are entirely wrong; they will soon say goodbye and sending you to the same point.

Discord Banner Size Guide

Discord has introduced its customers and users an image for the server (completely optional) displayed at the very top of your channel list. This feature is known as Banner background. Let’s look at some of the guidelines Discord has set for its customers for Discord banner size to get the server success.

  • They recommend keeping the upper side 48 px of your image pretty clutter-free and straightforward. This image, utterly free of any complex imagery, will help the users read the server title.
  • You have to upload a mage for your server banner background; it should be at least 960 x 540 pixels with a ratio of 16:9. Oh! What if you own an image handy of 1920 x 1080? Don’t worry; you can also upload it; Discord will automatically adjust it by resizing it for their customers.
  • Discord suggests its users select an image that doesn’t contain any logo or text so that it clarifies your server or committee’s meaning.
  • You should select an image that personifies your game or brand; this can add a gold star to your Discord server. You can choose a picture of the stills of any character you like or background art.

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How do I make the Server banner background look good?

As we all know, your server background is a valuable chunk of your Discord identity, so it is your responsibility to make it look good. You have to look into its formatting, arrangements, and dimensions so that your Discord banner background looks the best among all. Below mentioned guide would definitely help you get a good one.

Ensure the essential parts of your image are clear and visible

Your Discord server banner configuration is incomplete without knowing what will be seen when published to your server. However, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. According to Discord, the “safe zone” on your banner image is where the server’s name and radio button show.

Most of your banner photo is covered by text, although only approximately 22 percent of it is. 960 x 540 banners should have the text and essential sections of the image below the top 120 pixels.

In Discord, your banner will fade around halfway when it turns dark grey at the bottom. When adding text or images to the bottom of your Discord server banner, you will need to relocate them nearer to the frame so that they can be seen.

16:9 is a widely frequent aspect ratio for server banners. For the most outstanding results, you’ll want to consider a few additional factors while cropping and resizing your banner image. According to Discord, the recommended image size should be at least 960×540 pixels, which is a bit larger than many of your 16:9 images. For highly sharp quality, I recommend a slightly bigger aspect ratio (16:9), such as 1920 x 1080 or even 2560 x 1440.

You can find many apps that will help you in resizing your image and setting the optimal dimensions. One of them is Kapwing studio which will help you crop any image you upload to the aspect ratio 16:9. There are many more features that will help you edit your banner image and make it look better.

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Upload Your Banner Image

Making your Discord server’s logo into a banner is easy. “Upload Background” can be selected when your server has been advertised to a sufficient degree to achieve level 2 in the drop-down menu. Go to your files or camera roll, find the photograph you’d like to use, and upload it. Look, it was as simple as putting the cherry on the cake top.

What to do if my Discord server Banner is not Showing up?

As we’ve already mentioned above, the banner setting and server splash are the features granted to only the verified users, nitro subscribers, partners, and users who reached level 2 or 3. If you are among them and still missing the banner feature, you definitely lack one of the features mentioned below.

Server verification

Many huge organizations, giant games, and public entities operate verified servers. Your preferred cover photo can be used as a banner while you use Discord. This privilege can only be availed if you are verified as a server from Discord, so ensure to verify yourself as soon as you meet any of the categories mentioned above.

Server Partnership

In addition, Discord grants recognition and additional features to the most popular dedicated servers. If you’re one among them, you’ll be able to take advantage of Nitro, server banners, and splash backgrounds, among others.

Perks of Level 2 or 3

Server enhancement levels 2 and 3 are required to activate both functions. As a result, your server must have a minimum of fifteen boosts, in addition to the level 2 features.

Visit the Perks button in the upper right corner of the screen to see how many times your server has been enhanced since it was first set up, to begin with. Press the Boost Your Server button to boost your server’s performance even more.

Boosters receive a special badge and a label when they improve the performance of their server. Try giving out a few freebies from time to time if you have a Discord Nitro subscription. After getting the prize, some winners may decide to upgrade their server.

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What are the Discord Emoji Dimensions and size?

The standard emoji size is 32 x 32 pixels, which is pretty minor. A picture of 128×128 pixels can be uploaded to Discord and scaled to its default size. For the best quality emojis, you should upload a more significant, high-resolution image.

If you don’t have access to bespoke ones yet, use WhatsApp’s standard emoticons to transmit standard emojis on your Android, iPhone, or PC. It’s easy to upload an image to your profile or server on Discord. You should create a design software asset for each social media site in advance to ensure that quality is always maximized.

How Do I Change My Discord Profile Banner?

You can change your Discord profile banner by the desktop application of the Discord app; these features aren’t available for mobile app users. The following steps will help you change the Discord profile banner.

Step #1: Open the Discord app

You will see a gear icon on the very bottom-left corner of the Discord app; the username will be written on the right. Click it.

Step #2: Choosing the Option

You will see an option ‘Edit Profile.’ Click it.

Step #3: changing the banner

Now you will see the ‘Change Banner’ option; click it. By clicking this, the computer’s file browser will pop up, from where you can select the desired image you want to set up for your profile banner.

Step #4: Edit the image

After selecting the desired image, you will have access t the on-screen controls so that you can select the portion of the image you want to set for your profile banner. After editing and resizing your image to the desired level, you can click ‘Apply.’

Now, after all the editing and adjusting, click on ‘Save Changes’ so that your new profile banner gets saved.

About Discord

Discord has become the popular chatting platform generally initiated for gamers to communicate and talk during their favorite gaming period. Since its release, it has gained grand rounds of applaud among online gamers who want to stay connected.

Particularly during this dangerous pandemic, when individuals couldn’t connect and remain at home was the only choice, Discord has evolved into a massive multi-media communications network.

Several companies have been pushing its use in the gaming sector. Apart from the standard chat messaging, Discord lets users communicate with each other via real-time voice chat, allowing them to multitask.

Increasing demand for Discord server access has resulted from the coronavirus’s fame. Servers such as Discord’s Twitch integration allow gamers to communicate via voice, text, and video.

A necessary for the gaming sector, it can also provide a competitive advantage for other organizations in customer communication. Do you know what server is in the Discord app? Every community or group at Discord is known as a server.

You are allowed to share images, music, videos, and much more with not only one but multiple people simultaneously. And the significant part is, this feature is free for all; you don’t need to pay anything to create your server.

Discord users can instantly send messages to other users, just like they do with another chat program. They will be able to hear you or see you via voice or video chat. The Discord software may also be linked to other apps, such as YouTube and Spotify, allowing users to communicate across platforms. Even when you’re playing, you can utilize it on any device because the platform is available on both desktop and mobile.

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About Discord Nitro

For a fee, you can upgrade your Discord account with Discord Nitro, which adds features like increased live streaming quality and more significant upload limits, as well as the ability to create your Discord tag.

In addition to animated avatars and a creative tag, Nitro gives two server increases and a 30 percent discount on subsequent boosts, the option to collect and design your emojis, profile tags to demonstrate your support, and larger uploads.

And on top of that, you get high-definition video, screen sharing, and live streaming, even when it’s switched off. When it comes to hotspot conversation, Discord Nitro is the premium subscription. Nitro includes two server upgrades, which generally cost $ 4.99 per month. The traditional level does not have any boosters. Boosting is discounted by 30% for both levels.


After getting the complete details of the Discord banner size, you can now move ahead to level up your Discord experience. Now you can shine even more significantly with this new Discord feature and enjoy with your fellow mates even more during your favorite games.

After uploading your banner background image using the optimal guidelines, you will be analyzing a whole new look at your Discord server. If you are not on level 2 or 3, you can still have this feature by buying the Nitro package of Discord.

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