17 Best Discord Alternatives in 2023

discord alternatives

You must be aware of discord as it is one of the most popular connecting sites or you can say a type of social place to get in touch with people around the world. Discord act as a virtual place for people who want to connect with other people having the same interests, hobbies, or common things.

But there can be some problems or issues that might be preventing you from creating an account on discord or getting social on it. This situation causes the need for other alternatives of discord. As you are here looking for discord alternatives, some people might have gone through the same problem and decided to create alternatives for people like you.

Yes, you got it right. There are several different discord alternatives that you can easily find on the internet with loads of great features and other specifications. We can understand that this might be making you curious about the discord alternatives.

Well, it is time to bring an end to your curiosity as we brought numerous discord alternatives to help you save the day. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the depths of this guide to get you an effective solution.

17 Best Discord Alternatives List



  • High-quality and clear sound


  • Share files with full privacy protection


  • Security and privacy to your communication


  • Up-to 200,000 members to your community


  • Video conferencing, voice notes, and much more


  • Task managing feature


  • Team management feature

Microsoft Teams

  • Safe, secure, and free to use

Google Hangouts

  • HD Group Conferencing


  • Drag & Drop file sharing


  • Made for gamers


  • Distributed servers


  • Lightweight design


  • Leading communicating app


  • Tast managing application


  • Progress view, time tracking, and more


  • High-quality audio and video calls

Discord was specially developed for gamers so if you are running a business or looking for some other professional reasons then discord might not be the right choice for you. You might also face problems such as privacy issues in discord so here is the list of discord alternatives that we prepared for you after a lot of research and analysis.

Let’s start with the first alternative.

1. TeamSpeak

The first alternative we have for discord is TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak is a VIP application that is developed for voice messaging and communication. The application includes high-quality and clear sound with great performance.

TeamSpeak can automatically adjust the volume of your mic according to surroundings and also includes echo-cancellation for clear communication. The interface of TeamSpeak is very friendly and you can easily adjust the settings of the application for personalization. TeamSpeak comes with different pricing and plans for premium services.

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2. Slack

The second option that you can choose instead for discord is Slack. Slack is considered one of the popular and effective chatting software with efficient features to enhance your experience.

It can provide you a great user interface so you can easily monitor everything and can have full control over your communication. You can mention people on Slack for different purposes as well as you can share your important files with full privacy protection to users. Slack includes two plans to provide more features.

3. Wire

The wire is the next choice you can opt for if you are looking for a discord alternative. Wire application is mainly used by business professionals and teams as it provides complete security and privacy to your communication.

You can chat or send files to each other on the wire as well as you can arrange meetings via video call. The features of Wire include Conferencing features, Data synchronization, Instant messaging, File transfer abilities, Real-time notifications, and Two-way audio and video.

4. Telegram

Telegram is also one of the top communicating websites and you must have heard of telegram as it is very common in people around the globe because of privacy policies. Telegram claims not to share any data or information with third-party for privacy and security purposes.

It comes with multiple features including chatting, voice calling, video calling, emojis, stickers, GIFs, file sharing, and many more. You can add up to 200,000 users into a telegram user which makes it one of the best discord alternatives.

5. Flock

The next alternate we are going to discuss here is the Flock. Flock is a very basic and simple communicating application that includes basic features like every other application such as chat, voice call, and video call.

Besides these basic features, Flock can provide you features like Channel messaging, Video conferencing, the ability to send voice notes, Integrated search, and File sharing. The starter plan of Flock is free but it also includes pro and enterprise plans with a low rate so you can always enjoy premium features without being heavy on your pocket.

6. Chanty

Chanty is not only a communicating application but also a task managing software that is why people go for this 2-in-1 option. You can chat, voice call, video, call or send voice notes to communicate with your team. Not only, you can communicate but you can also assign your team different tasks via the built-in feature of Chanty.

The application is compatible with a lot of other applications to enhance productivity such as Dropbox, GitHub, Giphy, GitLab, and many others. The chanty application only offers two plans free and a business plan so you can always stay connected to your team in hard times.

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7. Rocket.Chat

The next option we came forward with is Rocket.Chat. Rocket.Chat is specially designed for business purposes and team management. You can add all your team members on Rocket.Chat and can communicate with them efficiently for better productivity and enhanced experience.

It gives you the option to keep your group public or private according to your requirements. The features of Rocket.Chat is audio and video conferencing, file sharing, screen sharing, live chat, and many more. You can encrypt your chats end-to-end for privacy issues.

8. Microsoft Teams

One of the leading communicating applications in the world of communication is Microsoft teams. Microsoft teams claim that they are safe, secure, and free to use. It includes a lot of features that can help you manage different tasks ranging from everyday communication to managing different teams of offices, businesses, or any other.

You can use Microsoft teams for video conferencing, group chatting, and online meetings. The application also offers you office tools for better and enhanced productivity.

9. Google Hangouts

The next option you can choose as an alternate to discord is Google Hangouts. Hangouts Chat is a messaging application by Google that is also available in mobile layout. You can use Hangouts Chat for file sharing, audio, and video conferencing. It is also a common application used by people around the work for professional network building.

10. Element

Element is a great alternative to Discord that was previously known as Riot. One of the main specifications provided by the element application is secure communication as it does not share information or data with third parties or companies.

You can quickly share files by dragging and dropping them on the screen. It also lets you call your contacts as a single person or group. The element application offers you five plans that include free, nickel, silver, gold, and platinum plans with a reasonable price range.

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11. Mumble

The next alternate we brought for you is Mumble. Mumble is made mostly for communication purposes while gaming just like discord but it comes with more stability and secure privacy features. The application includes an open-source program and uses chat as a tool to communicate between users.

Mumble is not available on the browser but you can use it on android, iOS, Mac, and Linux by downloading the software. Mumble does not include a free plan but comes with a very reasonable and affordable price tag.

12. Tox

If you are looking for a user-friendly way to connect and communicate with your friends and internet buddies, tox is the right option for you. Unlike other options or alternatives, tox is completely free to use and does not offer any paid plans. The features of tox include high end to end encryption for privacy, texting, voice calling, video calling, and screen sharing. You can use tox on Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

13. Ventrilo

The next alternate you can choose instead of discord is Ventrilo. Ventrilo works the same as discord but it comes with more sound clarity and better performance than discord. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android.

The lightweight design of the Ventrilo enhances the speed of communication as well as it does not get heavy on your system. It comes with a low-cost subscription and is not free software.

14. Skype

You must have heard of skype as it is one of the top and leading communicating applications used by millions of people around the world for different purposes including business or entertainment. Skype offers you audio and video calling features with other benefits such as sharing files, media, or making private groups. Skype can also be operated on low internet signals as the functioning of skype is very lightweight.

15. HeySpace

Next, we have in the list of discord alternatives is HeySpace. HeySpace is basically a task managing application with communication features so you can easily communicate and manage everything related to your business and other aspects. It can be used to communicate with your team by sending messages or assigning tasks.

You can also use HeySpace to send pictures as well as you can see the changes made to the task by someone.

16. nTask

The next alternate of discord we brought for you is nTask. nTask is not only a communication tool but you can also use it as a managing tool for your team or office or business. The managing features of the nTask include progress view, time tracking, and many other things to create a report of your employees.

The nTask offers 4 different plans with 1 free plan that includes all the basic features and can provide you a great experience.

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17. Viber

The last alternate that we got for you to communicate effectively is Viber. It is also included in the list of popular communication applications with lots of features to offer. You can use Viber to make high-quality audio and video calls as well as you can use Viber to chat, send multimedia and files. The application is completely free and does not come with any paid plans.


Since we had a look at several different discord alternatives, we hope you must have understood everything related to a particular alternate as we discussed them in detail so you can easily make the right decision regarding the application that suits you best.

We can assume that you must have chosen the right application for yourself up till now but if you have not and are still confused then let us clear this confusion for you. All the applications that we listed above can provide you a great experience while fully covering all your social needs and other requirements. You can choose any of the above to complete your task or fulfill your job in the right manner.

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