Discord TTS Troll Guide 2023

What is the Discord app?

If you are a gamer, it makes perfect sense that you might already have come across the discord app! This is a global online platform designed specifically as a Voice over Internet Protocol. So, essentially, this is a device that you use to interact and communicate with people over specific servers that you create!

However, it isn’t just for voice calls and video calls since via this app, you can also send instant messages and it acts as a digital distribution platform. So, you can easily share media such as voice notes, videos, and images through this. However, the basic crux of using Discord is that you can create communities of like-minded individuals and use these on private chats called servers.

What is it used for?

When it was first launched, Discord was only a communication platform meant for the gaming community! It was started by gamers in 2015 and it catered to a serious gap in the market for a reliable communication app for teammates. However, since then, it hosts an incredible number of communities and individuals apart from gaming as well! You can now use it as a general platform open to all!

The main reason behind Discord being so popular is because of course, it is entirely free! Anyone can gain access to it and create their private little world on the platform. Each server that is created can have its own rules, channels, and of course members! However, it still has excellent features for the gaming community since you can live stream your games as they happen plus various applications can be used with the app as well.

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If you want to know why more than 140 million users are active on Discord in a month, then you only need to understand its appeal in times of a global pandemic! It connects us to our loved ones, teams, communities, and new activities while we are in the comfort of our homes! Social distancing has created a serious increase in online activity after all!

Of course, within the Discord app and servers, there is so much you can do and opt for! It can allow you to create a truly customized experience as well. One such feature is known as Discord text to speech! With this, you get to interact with your Discord app and other users in a fun and interactive way that is not possible on other platforms!

Today, we’re going to look over the Discord TTS Troll feature and more! So, stay tuned if you’re interested in this feature!

What is Discord Text to speech and what is it used for?

Before we head over to Discord TTS Troll mode, let’s figure out more about text to speech which is what you can use to access that! With Discord Text to speech, you get a nice and fun method to send your message in a cool voice message even when typed! All Discord users can access this TTS mode. All you need to do is make sure that your feature is enabled via the settings.

For most people, it might be disabled by default. To get this super fun method to begin, all you need to do is use the basic slash command before you type the rest of your message! For example, ‘/Hello.’

If you want to know more and in-depth how to work with TTS, here’s how to use this feature if you’re on a Windows or Mac device.

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To enabled text to speech within your Windows or Mac device, you need to follow through with a few commands. Follow these steps:

  1. First, launch the Discord app on your PC and look for the gear icon which will be right next to your username. It shouldn’t be too hard to find!

2. This will get you access to the Settings menu. Once, you are there, you can select the option for Notifications on the left-hand side.

3. After this, you will then look up the option for Text-to-Speech Notifications on this page. When you find it, you can then select the option that reads, For current selected channel or the one that reads, For all channels.

4. If you click on the option that says, For currently selected channel, it will only let you gain access to this feature for the channel you are utilizing at the current moment. If you opt for the option that says, For all channels, this will apply to each channel or server that you open. So be super careful regarding the choice you make.

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5. Once this is achieved, you can then select the option for Text and Images in your sidebar.

6. You will then need to look for the command to Allow playback & usage of the /tts command.

7. Once you find it, you can then click on the switch that is beside it to activate this mode.  

8. That’s all you need to do! Now, Discord Text-to-speech has become enabled in your device.

Now, let’s figure out what sets the Discord TTS commands apart from any other platform!

Enter, Discord text to speech bots

To make the most of your text-to-speech experience on Discord, there are special bots that you can take advantage of! With most normal Discord apps, you get to access text speech features to get exciting and interactive communication. However, if you want to make it even more special, then you need not look further than TTS bots that allow the use of music, sound effects, and more!

While there are quite a few to choose from, here are our 2 picks!

  • Brian-Text to speech

The first bot is called Brian which is a TTS bot that uses the special StreamElements API to communicate your messages in Brian’s voice. It is pretty popular with an impressive 3,195 servers having installed it on discord.

  • KDbot

The KDbot is far more popular than the Brian voice command since this allows TTS in more than 110 high-quality sounds and also in a ton of different languages! These include French, Dutch, Japanese, English, Italian and more!

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What is Discord TTS troll?

Now, coming to the main important topic for today! Let’s figure out what the Discord TTS Troll is all about! TTS as you might have guessed it stands for Text to Speech! So, the basic gist behind this is that Discord has its jokes and since it is a fun environment with a lot of different kinds of players, it is also big on sarcasm!

With TTS troll, you can add some jokes or heavy-loaded sarcasm into your text and convert it to speech with different formats. You can make them sound like different voices such as robotic or childish. That is entirely up to you! While it might catch a newbie by surprise, most Discord users will understand the sarcasm quite easily.

This is because with such a vast number of people on this platform, trolling is pretty common! It’s how you can tell a Discord veteran apart from a rookie! However, it can get pretty frustrating and even offensive at times, so it has to be addressed in the server or channel’s rules! The moderator gets to decide what passes as trolling and what’s not allowed!

As we’ve just mentioned, the text to speech command can be used for Trolling that can become disruptive especially if trolls gain access to your server or channel. That’s why to ensure no one takes advantage of it, it is easy to disable text to speech command for discord so that you can easily ensure that your server’s decorum is maintained.

Here’s how to disable discord text to speech in Discord

Update: Discord has moved the option to disable TTS to the Accessibility menu. The article has been updated to reflect this change.

Before this, the Discord Text to speech function could not be accessed in the settings of your Discord client, however, it has since then been moved to the Accessibility menu.

  • First, you will open the Discord app and select the gear icon beside your username on the left.
  • After this, you will then go to App Settings and select the option that reads Accessibility.
  • Go down to the very bottom of the Accessibility menu and select the option for Allow playback and use of TTS commands. Switch it off in case it is switched on and this will disable any text to speech settings.


Finally, to end our in-depth guide on the Discord TTS Troll, we want to make sure our readers have understood that this is a feature that can become problematic but it can be pretty fun as well! It all depends on you as a user and how you want to utilize it! Hopefully, with all the details we’ve provided today, it will become much easier to understand!

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