How To Customize Discord Server?

Customize Discord Server

Originally meant purely for the gaming community, Discord has come a long way from its goal back in 2015! Now, it has become a popular chatting and video calling application for people of all kinds! It is primarily meant for group chatting and its popularity lies in the fact that it is completely free. 

Surprisingly, one of the fastest-growing communities on Discord apart from gaming is KPOP with the genre’s fans using it to share videos, music, and more! However, it caters to practically any community you can think of! If you want to create a private space for your teammates or friends, all you have to do is get the app and create a Discord server! It is essentially so simple and easy that anyone can do it!

How to create a Discord server?

When you have created the server, you can then add your friends and add new channels depending on the topic it contains! You can also assign other people to be moderators apart from you in your server! So, we know that it is easy to create our server, that’s why today’s article is based on how to customize a Discord server. 

Now that we have a better idea of how the server itself is created, we know what we have to do to get to this point. In case you want to add a little more oomph to your Discord server, you can learn how to customize the Discord server! That’s precisely what we’ll be looking into next!

With the customization of your Discord server, you can easily create a unique selling or attracting point for your channels and platform. In case you want to create a booming gaming community, if your server is designed to be attractive and interactive, then it will mean more users will want to get involved! 

How to customize Discord server!

1. Add some user roles for easier management

The first way to customize your Discord server is to assign some user roles! This essentially implies that once set, only certain users get permissions to execute tasks! Of course, it makes everything more streamlined and seamless as everyone has assigned roles to follow. 

So, in case you have a user that is good enough to be a moderator, they can be assigned the task of deleting or banning certain types of comments that you don’t find appropriate. The best part is that the moderator will be able to do this in your absence! You can also assign these roles with some color so that it is easier for everyone to know who is responsible for what. 

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If you want to manage the roles for each user, you can:

1. Right click server icon and select the server settings and then click on Roles.

Open Server Roles
Open Server Roles

2. Then, click on “Create role” button.

Create role
Create role

3. Now, enter the role name, select colour and complete the other details and you’re done.

Complete the role details
Complete the role details

There are a lot of permissions to choose from. Not only does adding roles create more order within your server, but it can also let new users know that your server is customized. 

If adding basic color isn’t enough for you, you can also opt for gradients to set your Discord server apart from the rest. Here’s what you need to do!

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2. Try adding some colorful gradients

The best way to customize your Discord server is by adding some much-needed color. However, we’re not referring to just any color; we are talking about gradients on Discord! Gradients have quickly become the new hottest fad on servers since it can not only freshen up your experience but can also be used to create your iconic server branding so it becomes easier to recognize! 

It is pretty easy to add a gradient to your server. You can opt for the subtle effect by adding one to the server’s main icon or you can go all out and add it to the complete website! It depends entirely on what you want as a user! It is also quite simple to generate backgrounds using generators found online. Find one, download it and simply export the programming code to your site! 

When we mean gradients, we certainly aren’t asking you to stop right there! You can take it as far as your imagination takes you! Go as far as adding in rainbow colors, pastels, electric shades, and pretty much anything you can think of to customize your Discord server! 

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3. Incorporate some channels with your interests!

Apart from simply having a server, what draws people in are the channels! Nobody is just interested in one activity. Mostly you can love gaming but also feel like adding your favorite music there as well! That’s what channels are for! This can easily become a space for your users to discuss and share new music, art, books, movies, or practically anything! It’s the perfect way to socialize and create a meaningful community experience!

4. Customize your Channel Name!

Your channel name is the first thing any visitor will see when they come to your server. Therefore, it is vital to figure out what the name should be and more importantly; what it should look like! Many users are drawn to channel names that are well thought out and especially to those that have some emojis or cute kaomoji in the names. This can also be a way to let your visitor know that this is what your channel is all about! 

You don’t have to limit yourself in this regard as you can add any kind of font style that you can find. Lookup a few popular font generators online and easily choose and add them for a custom look. 

5. Add some Discord Bots

Finally, the last way on how to customize the Discord server is by adding some bots! Discord bots are not only extremely functional, but they can also add some fun and flair to your server! Of course, the most obvious usage is to utilize them for task automation. 

So, if you want each person who accesses your server to get a nice little welcome message, or if you want to make sure that the rules of your server are enforced, you can assign these to a bot! Bots can do far more than this of course; you can essentially assign them thousands of tasks and methods to maintain your server so you don’t have to! 

This can include filtering out spam and also ensuring your space runs smoothly! Ultimately, they’re like the tiny robot butlers that help you save time especially when you cannot moderate your server yourself! If you want to add a bot to your Discord experience, you will have to look for one!

Luckily, there are thousands of options that you can access via various sites online! Discord bots are one of the most well-known sites that users frequent. The best part is that you can know precisely what bot is trending as the sites showcase them in order of popularity or creation. 

Once you’ve found a bot that appeals to you, all you need to do is access it and invite it to your server. For this, you just need to be logged into your Discord server and you can easily allow the bot to gain access to certain tasks. They can then perform these once you assign them! The entire process is so easy and accessible. The best part is that your bots will be listed in the settings under Server Members. 

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6. Create your bots

Now, you must be wondering, where does the custom part come in? Well, even adding a bot and assigning them functions to perform is customizing your experience.

However, for the real enthusiasts out there, you can even create your custom bots! You’ll need to create these on graphics apps outside of Discord and connect them to your server via Discord’s Development Portal. 

To create your bot, we recommend using any programming app such as Node. Once it is created, then you can go back to the Development Portal. Then, go to the Applications tab, and click on the option that reads, Create Application. Create a new application, set a name for it, and then click on the option for Bot. 

This will create a specific token for you. You can then copy it and paste it so that it is verified on Discord. And that’s it! Your personalized bot is ready to use within your server! 


With that, we are at the end of today’s guide on how to customize the Discord server so that you can have a fun personalized experience. After all, Discord is a popular platform for a lot of people to connect and express themselves. And now, with this insightful guide, you know just what to do!

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