6 Discord channels to Join

6 Discord channels to Join

Discord is way more fun than you can think but the problem is that you can communicate without joining a server or channel. Joining a server or a channel is definitely not a problem and is probably very easy but it can be complicated when you do not know which discord channels to join or which server is according to your taste.

We can assume that you are also looking for the same content to understand and landed on our article. Well, we would not disappoint you at all. 

This kind of information comes in very handy when you do not want to share your account or personal details with everyone and can join servers and channels that you like and is exactly perfect for you.

To help you in this matter, we brought you this informative and fun article with all types of discord channels that you can search for and join according to your taste. We are sure, you must find at least one or two channels that perfectly match your personality and you can join to make friends worldwide. 

How to Join a Discord Channel

Before we review different discord channels to join, let us explain how you can join a discord channel or server with your account. 

  • Click on the search bar of the discord and type what you want to search. You can search any server, channel, or account. You can also select the server on the left side of the account to see the list of the channels
  • Now click on any channel that you want to join. You might have to double-click on the server or channel to join. 

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6 Discord channels to Join

Discord channels are basically different servers around the world that are created by the public for other people to join and bond together via texting, audio calls, and video chatting. These channels are not created by any officials but regular people like you and us. You can also create a server on discord to connect all your friends or to make new friends around the world.

Let’s get started with the discord channels to join. 

1. Chill zone 

The first discord channel that we are going to have a look at is the chill zone which is a server with no definite purpose. It is one of the most active channels with a huge number of messages that it has left official channels like Fortnite and PUBG behind. The Fortnite channel has 4.4 million messages whereas the chill zone broke the record by more than 14 million messages in the general chat. 

Chill zone discord channel relies on its 40,000 members that do not ever let the conversation die. You will always find people in the channel to talk on any topic. There is no age limit or restrictions for the chill zone channel except all the members should follow ethical ways. 

2. Frogs dream world 

The next discord channel we have is the frog’s dream world. This server is a branch of the dream world network with a total of 30 to 32 channels like frogs dream world. The other channels of the server are slippys dream world or skarz dream world. All the channels are interconnected. 

There are more than 150,000 people in the frog’s dream world which means you can always find someone to have a conversation with no matter what time it is. The frogs dream world channel got so popular and populated that once the server had to remove one-fourth of the total members to make space for new joiners. 

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3. Quantum labs

Quantum lab is the next discord channel we have a look at. The discord channel does not have a specific purpose or topic. You can simply join the quantum lab channel to make new friends and have a conversation with more than 100,000 members of it. The members of quantum labs are very friendly and are always there to help each other. 

The members of the quantum lab are located all around the world, which means you do not have to wait for a particular time to get support. You can easily have a conversation with anyone at any time. The group is open to chat 24/7. They also have global emotes to have a fun time with each other. 

4. Daddy 

The daddy server of the discord offers you a lot of channels to join according to your taste. You can also join all of them as there is no such restriction. There are mostly voice channels in daddy servers which means you can have a virtual meeting with all of the members for a fun and exciting experience. 

The daddy channels made a record with more than 9 million messages which means you would never feel alone in the conversation. The channels of daddy servers never die or come to end when talking about fun. You can always find a channel of your interest in daddy server.

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5. Anime base 

The second last discord channel we are reviewing for you is the anime base. The most interesting thing is when you get to know people and make friends that also have the same interest as you. Anime base is an example of this as it was created to gather all the anime fans around the world to have a place to talk out their craziness of anime. 

It is also one of the most active channels as there is a huge number of fans of anime around the world. The community of the anime base has grown to 100,000 members which means you can join the channel to have a crazy conversation on your favorite anime with people at any time. 

6. Weeb empire 

Weeb Empire is the last channel in our list of discord channels to join which does not mean that it is any inferior to other channels. It is also one of the top channels in discord made for anime fans. The members of the weeb empire total 50,000 plus and are still in the process of growing rapidly. 

You can always have a conversation in the group with other crazy anime fans as the messages in the channel total to 3.6 million which means the chat never really dies in the weeb empire. There are no restrictions of the channel weeb empire except being polite and ethical. 

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Since we reviewed some of the top discord channels for you, we hope you must have got the information and details you were looking for discord channels to join. We are glad that our efforts bear fruit and you found yourself a channel or server to join with our help.

You can join any of the discord channels and virtually meet people around the world to anonymously socialize with any social conflicts. If you still have not found your dream server or channel to join then do not worry because there are numerous channels on the discord that you can scroll through to join. 

For your quick review, we summarized the discord channels and made a list so you can remember which channel you read about and decided to join. The channels that we discussed today in this article are Frogs dream world, Quantum labs, Chill zone, Daddy, Anime base, and Weeb empire.

Now, the only thing left to do is log on to your discord account, join a channel, and enjoy disoding around the world. 

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