4 Discord Music Bot Commands You Should Know

Discord Music Bot Commands

To know best about Discord Music bot commands read the complete article to learn properly how to use them. We know the app Discord first, as what are its functions and best known for. Discord is a freemium proprietary chat room program compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS, and android. Don’t trick yourself in the words “freemium proprietary.”

The word freemium is an amalgam of two simple terms, ” free” and “premium,” it refers to the generalship through which essential services are granted free. Still, you are led to pay some cost to achieve additional premium services and features. 

By proprietary software, we mean not free software or closed source software, in which the publisher of a software or any other person keeps back some of the rights from your license to modify, share, modification, use, or share software.

So, with this info, we came to know that it’s not a free app like many other entertaining apps. A discord server incorporates both text and voice channels used for real-time and to share other aspects of media between the members of that server. 

Discord commenced resolving a considerable dilemma: connecting and communicating with your fellow mates while playing your favorite game. Are you also fond of Stan Vishnevsky and Jason Citron, founders of the Discord app?

They both were the ones who described the affection and an incredible bond that is created when we are playing video games with our friends? 

They both developed this app to a new level; you can upload gif profile pics by using the artistic style of your mind, have a chat with friends while playing music on it.

These are the main characteristics that made this app more interesting as you can play music while chatting; it has special music bot commands that you can use to play music of your choice while having a call on it or chat. 

Introduction of Music bots in Discord

Here is a little introduction; a ‘bot’ short for the robot, is a software program that executes automated, repetitive, pre-explained chores. Bots typically depict or supersede human user behavior. Because they are automated, they perform much more promptly than human beings. 

Music bots are made to apply music while chatting or playing games on Discord. It is one of the innovative methods of its founder; people around the globe showed so much love and affection to this online app.

Discord app was genuinely mad to let friends communicate with each other while associating themselves in their favorite activity. It included music bot commands in the app to make it more interesting. Discord making it simple to participate in the conversation, hopped around voice, video chat, and text, alongside a chunk of advancement of music in it.

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Usage of Music bot in Discord

It seemed somehow complicated to the new users how to add a music bot in Discord. But there is nothing to be worried about. We have a key to settle this issue. Putting a music bot in Discord goes typically as: 

Build a server in your Discord with the “+” character.

Name the server and your area.

  • Go to the bot’s website and click on the “invite” or “add” button.
  • Log into your discord account if you are logged out.
  • Choose a server for your music bot, pass the confirmation, and that’s all you are done!
  • Playing of Music during a call on Discord:
  • To add music to your Discord’s calls, what you must do is, you can set up a bot named “Groovy.” Here are some simple steps to follow:
  • Go to the Groovy. Bot website and hit the purple “Add to Discord” button.
  • Select a server, press the “Authorize,” and review the 
  • “I’m not a robot” box.
  • Join a voice channel and tell Groovy which song you want the bot to play with the “play” command. For example, you can say, “play Baby by Justin Bieber.”

Thorough with this simple procedure, you will be able to play music during your call on Discord. Although the technology tried to use by this app can be a bit complicated, but their goal was quite simple: making it the huge platform where people easily communicate and connect with their loved ones, friends, and fellows.

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The Role of Music bot on Discord

A discord music bot procures a path for numerous partners of a server to listen to the same song/ music simultaneously. Discord Music bots can find songs on YouTube, Spotify, or other programs and run them on the voice channel. ‘Bots’ this term isn’t something really new to you. Right? Bots are basically helpful programs that simplify so many chores chatting from digital shops, and so on. 

Incredibly, there is no doubt that all of us loved music bots. These API-connected guys can play songs, load copyright-free music, look for poems, even suggest music by mood, and work with audio records. These bots are authentic to give them the first try if you have not come across them yet.

Five Main Music Bots on Discord

Five main bots are frequently used by discord users with different characteristics and are helpful in many ways.

1. 24/7

According to the name, this very bot runs music from dawn to dusk. You can commence the selected songs, adjoin any YouTube live video, or take off a radio stream. How convenient its setup is! As we attract towards, it’s a free version that is already very cool. But it’s the premium version costs $2.47 a month; you can have YouTube controls, playlists, volume control, and enhanced quality.

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24/7 Discord Bot

2. Fred Boat

Fred Boat is loaded with lots of excellent attributes. It subsidizes streams from various sites as well as direct links. It works with YouTube and Sound Cloud playlists with an endless search on these strategies.

3. Groovy

Now move on to Groovy; this method is well-known for its durability. This same method offers you to stream music, check ballads, allows shuffling. But this is not a free version; its premium version starts from $3.99 per month with the facility of add volume controls, audio effects, 24/7 streaming.

4. Rhythm

Its tasks are quite like previous bots. It can stream songs, permit playlists, line up music, define user roles. Rhythm discovers the lyrics for active songs and shows these texts. It is a free bot version and is active on 5+ million servers.

5. Veteran

This very bot supports countless options, lyrics, and many more commands. It’s available in 15 languages. The premium version costs $3 per month and enlarges high integrity voice servers plus Spotify integration.

Most Popular music commands on Discord:

; play URLPlay music from the given URLs 
; list Display the list of current songs on the playlists.
; now playingDisplays the currently playing song.
; skipskips the current songs

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Method of playing music in Discord on iPhone

The MEE6 bot is a tremendous selection for playing music in Discord on the iPhone. You need to follow a few steps to do so,

  1. First of all, you need to go on the MEE6 website and log into your Discord account.
  2. Allow the bot to enter your account.
  3. Choose the server to which you wish to add the hot.
  4. Tap “Plugins” and press “Music.” If this function was previously disabled, tap on “Add.”
  5. Commence Discord and join a voice channel.
  6. Type “search” and enter the song or artist. The bot will show you the results.
  7. Type play to start listening to the music.


To sum up, this article gives you all helpful information regarding music, not commands on Discord. Discord has changed the gaming app into the bliss that you can relish as playing music while chatting or during calls.

  • This article summarises the authentic way to apply music, not commands.
  • It provides the knowledge of bots and various usage of bots.
  • It helps you in making the first attempt to apply a music bot on Discord.

In short, the discord music bot commands entertain the users of discard in various ways and also makes the app more entertaining while you enjoy your favorites songs during calls or group chats. To read more tips about discord you can explore our website.

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