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You must have a question in your mind that what hype squad actually is? So we are going to answer this question for you.

What is discord hype squad brilliance?

It is a discord users community that makes a rep discord online. Online means you need to go somewhere to learn you can make a rep discord anywhere and anytime you want. It gives you information at different events all around the world. Discord hype squad brilliance.

There are three (3) numbers of houses fully fitted to your personality.

  • Bravely
  • Balance
  • Brilliance

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Which is the common squad house?

Bravely, balance, and brilliance are all very common for anyone. A special badge is available for Attendees of the event and for the members of the hype squad which are coordinated. Discord hype squad brilliance.

How one can join or get the hype squad?

  • How you can join the squad?
  • It is an easy process to join the hype squad.
  • Go to your settings and you can see a new tab of the hype squad.
  • There will see a test of five questions for you.
  • And after finishing it you can join any one of the houses.

Hype squad:

Bring the discord hype as you are a member of the hype squad.

3 programs of the hype squad are there. Members of the hype squad who are online, represent their hype squad and online show the pride in hype squad with the help of channels on social media, by discord or content creation.

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Bravery (Hype squad):

What does the bravery of the hype squad mean? As the word bravery represents its meaning “to be confident”. The universe is looking for people who are brave enough to take the charge with tenacity and optimism. Without having the brave in the hype squad, it would descend into chaos.

What are the badges one can get on the discord?

  • Badge of Nitro discord
  • Badge of Server Booster
  • House Badges of the Hype squad
  • Badge of Hype squad Events
  • Badge of Bug Hunter
  • Badge of owner Partnered Server
  • Badge of Early Supporter
  • Badge of Discord Staff

Early discord supporter

Being an extra treat nifty, a nitro supporter who is early supporter badge can get the who had a transaction successful subscription to any Nitro.

How to get rid of the hype squad badge?

  • Open the user setting.
  • Leave the previous one and try the next one.

If you leave the discord Hype squad?

Yes, one can ask such a question. If you have to leave it. Then you will lose all of your Hype squad bonus present in your account.

If you need to ask any other questions. You can choose” Community Program” and then select the Hype squad.

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How to remove the discord badge?

For Android:

  • Firstly, you have to open the settings on the device you are using.
  • Now scroll down to go to the tab of manage apps.
  • Select the option of the notifications by opening the discord app.
  • Move the slider towards the left and turn off the app of icon badges.
  • After you have followed all these steps you have successfully disabled the message of the discord badge which is still unread.

Removing the red dot on the discord/ getting rid of the red dot:

  • Click the notifications which are under the setting app.
  • If you have opened it, you can see the switch which is at the side of the unread Enable message menu.
  • The notification will be disable
  • This will help you to remove the red dot.
  • Now will never see the red dot on the discord.

Brilliance (House of brilliance):

As we have discussed the bravery that was about confidence. The members of this group are quite disciplined and have patience in case of choosing. It is considered a vital universe member.

  • Brilliance is nothing if there is no peaceful mind.

Balance (house of balance):

The members of this house share all the qualities for example brilliance, peace, and bravery at a time.

  • They help to maintain the balance of life.

If one wants to change the hype squad:

Yes, one can change the hype squad by answering the test of the hype squad again.

Is the hype squad discord free?

Yes, the discord hype squad is free.  

Explanation of the features of the discord hype squad:

Now is the time to tell you that how, when, and why it can be used. What is its purpose? Trying to give you a little extra information about the discord Hybe squad.

It is a trendy or smart Discord for voracious people who are enthusiastic about millions of other apps. You can take a simple test for what Discord says. Not everyone can apply.

Is it a community?

Some older sayings about the discord hype squad are that it is like a community in which people use to celebrate the conquer of evil ardent spirit. There were three heroes who passed away. The discord hype squad group or we can say that these houses were made in the honor of those people.

  • Bravery (confidence)
  • Brilliance (patience)
  • Balance (equilibrium between bravery and patience)

As we have discussed earlier that all of these houses have their own different meanings. People who are members of these groups belong to the houses.

Discord swag:

If you have to get into the houses of the hype squad. You will be able to get many discord swags:

  • T-shirt of hype squad discord
  • Badges and pins of the discord
  • Access to a conversation on special events
  • The secret server which is super one
  • Profile badge of hype squad

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Hype squad Events vs Hype squad Houses

Houses of hype squad (difference):

All of the houses are the same but they have a minor difference between them. Except for the colors and shapes of the badge.

 Hype squad Events:

It is a real deal. One can have some real and excellent swag and goodies. Events are:

  • Access to the secret server
  • Conversation access

And many more things. All of these are events.

Difference between the both:

The main difference between hype squad events and hype squad houses:

The main difference between both of them depends on the number of people who get in it and also on the requirements.

Whosoever will apply for hype squad houses just need to choose one of the three houses.

Om the other hand you need to be the number one hype to be in the program in case of hype events.

Detailed description on getting started with hype squad:

  • Take your discord and click on setting.
  • Now next step is to answer the question
  • Five questions will be asked
  • You have to choose the best answer
  • If you have answered all questions successfully
  • You will be assigned the house by the discord
  • Then you will see that the house has appeared on the profile you have

Hype squad Wallpapers:

There are many wallpapers available for every house of the hype squad.

You can choose different wallpaper for a different house.

Badge color changed:

If you are already a member of hype squad houses. If you that you are a very good member of every house and can do the best job for every group. Then you need to test this. For the test, you need to go to the setting on the desktop of your PC. Then you have to select the app and select the new ‘hype squad.’

Taking the Hype squad to the next level:

If you want to go to the next level, it means you are interested in being event coordination or hype squad event attendee.

Event attendees will help you discord in the real world. The coordinator is responsible to run an event of gaming of local organizations.

Discord Hype squad tier online:

  • You will be able to get a house badge
  • Monthly newsletter on your mailbox
  • There will be challenges for houses to take part in
  • Participate in the competitions

Event Attendee tier:

  • Having an access to the events server of the hype squad which is very exclusive.
  • Wining goodies like t-shirts and stickers
  • Meeting discord staff and attending events

Event tier coordinator:

Getting a swag box after every three months to describe the events.


Everyone cannot become a part of the hype squad community. You should be 13 years to become a member of the houses. And if you want to join the event tier your age should be above 16 years. If you want to take the charge of events then you need to make a video of at least 3 minutes to describe your personality and as well as need to answer the questions.


Discord hype squad brilliance is a type of community. There are three houses of brilliance. You can join one of them after answering five questions. There are opportunities for winning goodies. After reading this article you are familiar with the features of hype squad discord.

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