How To Set Discord Gif Profile Pic?

Discord gif profile pic

Discord is the latest app that allows its users free voice, video, and text chat. It is used by millions of people, specifically the age of 13+. This app is used to hang out with your loved ones or your fellowship. It is used for artwork, homework, and mental health issues, and so on.

As time has changed so much in the field of online applications, this app provides you with a gif profile picture. GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”, or a bitmap image format. This is developed by the team at the online services provider CompuServe that is run by American Computer scientist Sir Steve Wilhite.

Since then it has become so prevalent on the World Wide Web due to its huge range of support between applications and operating systems. The gif format supports up to 8 bits per pixel for each image, it can change a single image into 256 different colors chosen from the 24 -bit RGB color space.

1: Different Ranges of Discord gif profile pic

In discord, we can upload gif PFP in various styles, as an animated epitome, text animation, or video clip. You can have funny animation or a special character image that can be applied as your profile pic on discord.

As for you are in the mode of starting on discord, and particularly with the community of your age and bent of mind. You will need some cool visual property, as your profile pic on discord to interact with your audience. The multiple ranges of profile pic are the best way to describe your mood, style, and choice.

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2: Method of applying profile pic on discord

There are two simple ways to upload your GIF PFP on discord.

  • The first method is very simple, just drag the image or GIF from another source and drop it in the discord window. This can be done on a desktop app or browser.
  • For manually uploading an image or GIF you need to click on the little arrow box right next to the text box. Then scroll down through your folders until you find the image of your choice. Double click on it. It’s done! 

In both methods, drag and drop or choose a file, you have the opportunity to add the comment or title your file before uploading it on Discord. 

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3: Discord PFP size for gif

Your profile picture is also known as your profile embodiment of discord. This is how the whole world sees you and especially the discord users while using this medium of the app. For this specific look on Discord, you need to choose the best size for your profile picture gif.

The most accurate size for the PFP gif on discord is, 128 ×128 pixels, but if you upload the picture of higher pixels this app automatically cuts it down to its proper size. JPG, PNG, or GIF can be chosen as a profile picture on discord.

Discord follows the circle-shaped cropping style, while you choose your image for PFP you must keep in mind it can be cut into a circle, so try to maintain your text in the center of the image should be apt for it.

Table of sizes on discord

File TypeResolutionFile size
Discord PFP size128×128 pixels8MB
Discord Emoji size32 × 32 up to 128×128 pixels256 KB
Discord server icon size512×512 pixels8MB
Discord server banner960× 540 pixels8 MB

4: GIF PFP not getting upload on discord

Discord has enlarged into a gigantic scale multimedia messaging program over the last few years. Still getting a boost especially in the genre of the gaming industry, and have promoted various businesses. Due to overload use of this app not only makes it prevail but also creates many problems while using it. One of the enigmas is that it doesn’t respond when we try to upload a GIF PFP.

The message often received by the users is not accurate in size, try some other PFP, etc. To resolve this profile pic or GIF uploading issue, you just need to check;

  • Whether your discord app is updated to the new version or not. If you are using an old outdated version then it must be the reason that you are not being able to upload your PFP gif on discord. 
  • The second thing that you must check is the size of your PFP, as the most suitable size for any discord, PFP is 128 × 128 (8MB). Due to the enlarged size of the picture, an error may occur in your app. So, you must be vigilant while selecting the right sized picture.
  • The third issue can be a slow Internet connection because if you are not connected with a strong Internet connection, this may happen or it may take a long time to upload your GIF and PFP.
  • You may also get profile picture cooldown error if you change it more oftenly.

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5: Discord profile picture maker

As the domain of the Discord app is filled with lots of colors, animation, Emoji, templates, etc. All these things make it unique among other platforms of apps. It attracts the attention of youth to paint what is running in their minds, with the help of a large range of colors, lights, animation styles, funny Emoji and so on.

The user just needs to follow his mind to make any sort of profile pic on discord and can choose various styles to make proper usage of his inner talent. It can be any cartoon character, animated character, or real picture of something informative. As discord is not an ordinary app for communicating with fellow beings, it offers a variety of tasks like gaming, art, and mental health.

The connection with art came from the wide range of colors and shapes of the alphabet, things, and icons, to make your profile attractive. The making of profile pictures on discord not only makes you attentive but also somehow artist of your thoughts. This proved so beneficial in developing self-confidence among the youth.

6: Avatar on discord

In computer language, an avatar is known as ( profile picture or user picture). Discord is an app that revolves around this word avatar, because in this app PFP renders to be a very significant part of it, in common language its identity for the user.

This is fundamentally a graphical representation of the user or the user’s persona or character. These Avatar images are also referred to as “PIcons” (personal icons). This word Avatar relates to the personality connected to the screen name. The arrival of social media such as Facebook where users are not nameless led to widespread usage of profile pictures of themself.

This has become a part of any app to have an identity, in discord app avatar matters a lot.

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Throughout this article, we tried to focus on the application of Gif as a profile picture on discord. In this time of social media apps, discord is running its setup with its wide range of tactics.

  • This article provides helpful information regarding the app Discord, its main features furthermore inform you of the interest of youth in this app.
  • If you are a new user of the discord app, then this article must help you, in applying GIF profile pic on it. 
  • Moreover, it helps in choosing the best size for your profile pic even with the table structure, to make your mind more clear about its perfect use.
  • It provides information regarding uploading PFP on discord, which surely enables you to avoid such fuss while using the app.
  • The data regarding its styles and ranges will also clear your ideas about the main feature of Gif PFP.
  • The discord profile picture maker shows how this can be beneficial for you in ways, also mentioned to guide you.
  • The most common and wanted point is avatar making in discord that grabs the attention of the audience on the platform of this concerned app. How you can use your mind to make an avatar is also mentioned above to make you more careful regarding your Internet identity on this specific app.

Overall, we summed up, it is an enlarging app that has the unique feature of Gif profile pic, that moves and makes it attractive. In this online social media period, everyone tried new ways to be different and prominent, on discord it is done with the wide range of your talent how you used it to convey your stance. Hope this article will guide you in many ways.

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