How to Install Discord Music Bot Github

Discord Music Bot Github

The majority of individuals are using Discord to chat with one another when playing computer games. If you include songs in your Discord audio conversations, the result becomes much more engaging and enjoyable.

Then how can you listen to music on Discord when speaking with your mates? Music-Bot is still to be updated to Discord Player v5! That’s on the road.

Before we discuss further, let’s talk about Discord so that every beginner or any newbie who is reading this post won’t get confused. Then we’ll talk about Discord music bot Github.

What is Discord?

Discord, a famous community program, was created to provide a space for players to make up a society and communicate. However, from its very inception in 2015, it has grown to encompass groups from all around the web, including authors, musicians, and fanboys.

As even more individuals researched, played games, and interacted online throughout the epidemic, it picked up steam, and the site today claims to have over 150 million registered users.

Discord is made to enable participants to communicate with one another at a superficial level. Every group is referred to as a “server” in the game.

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Writing streams (in which you might write to communicate with many other individuals) and audio connections abound on servers. You may also exchange movies, photos, URLs to the web, songs, and other media.

Typically, every server does have many streams that are each allocated to a distinct subject or have its own set of regulations.

For instance, you may have a stream for discussing a videogame, some for casual chit-chat, and still also for pet images. The options are limitless.

This was all for Discord, Now let’s discuss Github:

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What Is Github?

GitHub is a webpage and internet platform that lets programmers securely store their scripts and identify and track modifications to your script at a top standard. To properly appreciate what actually GitHub is, you should first understand two intertwined concepts:

  • Version Control:

Programmers can use version control to keep a record of and make adjustments to a program’s script. Version control is becoming increasingly important as a software project expands.

Instead, version control allows engineers to branch and merge code securely. When a programmer or developer uses branching, they replicate a portion of the script. The programmer may now securely modify that section of the code without impacting the entire project.

The programmer may then combine their coding into the original script to make it legitimate when he has gotten his section of the script operating correctly.

  • Git:

Torvalds invented Git, an accessible edition management system, around 2005.

Git is a revision control system, which implies that every designer’s workstation has access to the complete source and past, making for quick merging and branching.

About 87 percent of programmers adopt Git, as per programmer study.

What Is Music Bot?

MusicBot is the first Discord song bot, developed in Python 3 with the library. We are seeing the bot’s GitHub for a summary of what it is and the development evolution. The bot’s installation, configuration, and operation are all covered in this manual.

Become a member of a communication line.”! play,” then a gap, and the performer or piece of music you’d want to hear. When you press “Go,” the bot will check Online for the musician or track and broadcast it.

This was all the basics a beginner should know; now, Let’s talk about discord music bot on Github.

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Discord Music Bot On Github

A sophisticated Discord music bot that enables Spotify & YouTube, Rearranging, Audio System, and a Webpage Panel with Slash Command line!

If you want to make a music bot with the help of Github, You will require a webhook. To install a Webhook, Follow these mentioned steps:

  • Locate the Discord group where you want to submit contributions and other changes and join it.
  • Select the Webhooks tab in that channel’s options and develop a new webhook. Please do not share this URL with the general public. That channel can be used by anybody or any application without the requirement to be connected to the server. Keep an eye on it!
  • Go to the Github repository and click on the Settings menu.
  • Set Webhook is the option to choose.
  • Enter the webhook address into the box and add /Github to the top. Choose “Send me everything,” choose application/JSON as the format, and afterward click Add Webhook.
  • Try it out by making a change or starting the repository! You’re done if it runs!

Before we move on to the next step, you need to see the features this music bot provides:

  1. Straightforward and direct to use
  2. Youtube, Soundcloud, and other music platforms are supported
  3. Supports Slash Commands
  4. Simultaneously moment, you can operate on different servers.

Now, Let’s go through its commands:

  • /Back :

Its function is to make the system play the previous track.

  • /Loop :

Its function is to make the system loop the songs or music you are listening to.

  • /Pause :

The function of this command is to pause the currently playing song.

  • /Play :

Its function is to play that particular song you have specified in your command.

  • /Resume :

Its function is to resume the song you are listening to or to resume the paused music.

  • /Shuffle:

Its function is to mix up or to shuffle the playlist of music you are listening to.

  • /Skip :

Its function is to skip the song which is currently being played.

  • /Volume :

Its function is to operate the volume mixer of the music player.

  • /Stop :

Its function is to stop the player or that platform that is playing the music.

These were almost all of the commands that were mainly used to perform that specific function. Now, Let’s talk about its installation.

Music headsets
Source: Unsplash

How to Install Discord Music Bot:

 Installing the discord music bot may not be that much easy for everyone. So, we are here with a simple guide that will help you install this discord music bot. Follow these mentioned steps:

  1. First, you need to install FFmpeg. You will get this on google search easily.
  2. Now, Make a copy of the repository.
  3. Replace the.env.example file with information from the.env.example file.
  4. The Identity of the Discord BOT is DISCORD CLIENT ID.
  5. The tokens of your Discord BOT become DISCORD CLIENT TOKEN.
  6. Now, download the prerequisites. (load with yarn / npm)
  7. Your process is completed; now, You can start your bot.

Now, Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions we have been asked:

In a Discord personal or public call, how do you stream songs?

There have been no robots that can stream music in a Discord personal or public call, sadly. As a result, if you wish to listen to music, you’re restricted to simple calls.

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How to Stream Songs in Discord bot?

Connecting Discord to Spotify seems to be the only possible to try songs without even a bot, So, follow these steps carefully:

  1. See in the “User Settings” in Discord after launching it.
  2. Underneath the “Connect Your Accounts” page, select “Connections” and look for the Spotify symbol.
  3. When you select the symbol, you’ll be sent to Spotify’s user account.
  4. By clicking the “Agree” option at the end of the screen, you accept the terms of service and provide your Spotify details.
  5. When the phase is finished, you will receive updates that say “Connected Your Spotify Account to Discord.”
  6. To verify the connectivity, go to Discord and keep scrolling.
  7. You may now use Discord to hear music songs and performers.

As you’ve seen, adding songs to Discord is as simple as clicking a few buttons. Link your Spotify account or experiment with several bots to find which one works for you, and all of your music will appear in your Discord conversations in no moment.

What is the Best Discord Music Bot?

There seem to be a lot of Discord bots to select from. As stated previously, Because the bot is reviewed on an ongoing basis, your service will still be at its peak.

Is it possible to play Pandora Streaming Service on Discord?

Pandora streaming service is currently not supported by Discord. There might not be a Discord robot to enable this function at the moment of typing. But it’s not all doom and gloom. With thousands of Pandora users, being limited to Spotify support is quite annoying. Occasionally, the only choice is to make a Discord new request. You may provide Discord comments and make new suggestions.


This was all for this topic “Discord Music Bot Github.” In this article, we have discussed Discord, Github, music bot, and how to install music bots in Discord. In addition to this, we have also answered a few of the frequently asked questions. After reading this post, we hope that you will be able to install or download music bots to your discord server and flex in your group server

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