Discord end to end encryption

Discord is one the most popular and active platforms for people to communicate and share their ideas. It is user-friendly, and it offers people the opportunity to engage with amazing individuals worldwide. This social media app helps people expand their social circle, having interactive discussion groups, and challenge each other. 

However, as we progress in this technological era, introducing more innovative advancements to give us easy access to information. The thing is – we all love data. It has an incomparable worth in the field of technology – it helps people figure out a lot of things! The problem we are facing these days is to protect it from unauthorized access and illegal use. Thus, most users often ask if discord end to end encryption is good enough.

What is data encryption?

As more people started to join the internet, some of them started misusing it to gain illegal benefits. To counter this issue, experts created data encryption. Don’t know what that is? Well, data encryption is to scramble your data so that it becomes incomprehensible for hackers. The encryption key is with the user. That means only the user can gain full access to their chats. Popular social media apps like WhatsApp have implemented this security method that has made their systems safer. 

Does Discord come with end-to-end encryption?

The question is about the discord end to end encryption that will secure your personal information and chats. Yes, we heard your concerns, and this is something that we should be a bit worried about because that means that this DIscord is not as safe as you thought. Even though Discord does not come with encryption. Instead, it uses standard encryption for data transfer. However, still, there is no reason why they don’t implement end-to-end encryption – unless they sell user data. 

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Is Discord that unsafe?

Hold on! Did you make an account on Discord, and you are panicking because you don’t want anyone to gain access to your chats. Well, it’s okay because we will discuss how Discord is still a good, secure place to communicate even though it does not come with a discord end to end encryption. In the upcoming sections, we are going to discuss how Discord safety teams tackle this issue.

The thing is that you have to be vigilant about what to take on Discord because your messages aren’t end-to-end encrypted. It’s better if you don’t discuss sensitive and private issues as the possibilities of a data breach are live. Thus, it wouldn’t be wise to discuss brand strategies on Discord! Someone can hack your account and misuse that information. Moreover, if you report the Discord team about a breach of data or a hacked account – they can read the messages sent on the server. 

However, does that mean that Discord is trying to spy on you? Certainly not, as according to the company’s representatives and directors of trust and safety it is impossible to proactively monitor every person’s chats. This type of monitoring is not supported by the company’s policy either. Thus, we can say that Discord moderation and monitoring policies are reactive rather than proactive as they do offer you a sense of security and privacy.

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The question that you might have thought of was that how do they manage to keep the platform secure. Every user is provided with a unique ID to which they can report. In case someone faces any online harassment or crime. Then, a member from the Discord team of safety will take a look at those messages. They will decide what action to take to counter what happened. As all message logs are logged themselves, the member can easily discover the abuse from the series of messages. 

We know that you may not feel comfortable enough to allow someone else to read your private chats. However, you must take note that they are only read by the Discord safety team and they are employees. Discord never outsources such work to people.

The biggest problem that users may face is that abusers can easily delete their messages and not even the Discord team members can read them. This may benefit people in a way as they won’t have to keep those benign messages in their chat. 

In the first three months of 2019, Discord has received about 52,000 user reports. The director of the platform says that Discord only intervenes in the situation when something serious has happened. Examples of these types of crimes are hate speech, harassment, threats to others, and self-harm. 

After checking out how serious the situation is, they might contact law enforcement to take action. Please don’t contact them to resolve petty issues. If you are not getting along with someone or a fight breaks out in a group, leave that server and block that Discord user.

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Where does Discord draw the line?

We know that after reading the previous section, you are a bit concerned about your privacy. So to address the main concern over here, do Discord team members monitor everything you talk about with your friends and family? Well, yes and no. In this part of the article, we will talk about where Discord draws the line. You will learn about when Discord opens up user’s chats to read and review if the content you are posting is offensive or not. 

Well, it may not come to you as a surprise, but Discord isn’t entirely reactive. In 2018, Slate reported that Discord offering relative privacy may cover the violent rhetoric and hate speech. The platform did work with the Southern Poverty Law Centre to ban white nationalist groups from using Discord.   

Not only did Discord take action against these groups, but its search function does not display any results if someone searches for offensive, obscene words. Okay, so you can go search for something – go to Discord, and search for white supremacist groups. Try joining as many you can see – you will realize that more than half of them don’t even exist. We can see Discord making a great effort from their side to make it a secure place for everyone. 

Discord may be trying hard to ban as many hate groups as it can. However, the swarm of 250 million users may hide some benign-named groups and may stay out of the spotlight.  It may be a difficult job to wipe away groups that keep reappearing after Discord removes them. The thing we need to think is if Discord announced that it would look at every private chat, most people wouldn’t be happy with that either. 

By allowing private groups to control what goes on over there, Discord can keep a server culture alive where people can choose to do whatever they want. We have never experienced Discord intervention in our servers, and we comfortably chat with our friends and share stuff. 

How does Discord remove illegal content?

The Discord end to end encryption may not be there, but it uses a special software created by Microsoft and Dartmouth. This fantastic software was also donated to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). It uses cryptographic functions that run images to generate a unique hash for each picture. The hashing is a one-way encryption system that allows you to generate the same images with the same hash, except it cannot decode back to an image. 

Got a funny image to show to your friends? Upload that images with a stress-free mind because once you do so, the image is scanned by PhotoDNA. The image is encoded into a hash, and then the software checks the database and matches it with corresponding hashes that relate to illegal photos. 

If a photo is marked as illegal, then the Discord team reviews and removes it and calls the NCMEC. This software isn’t some Artificial intelligence-based technology like the Discord DM filters. According to the vice president of NCMEC, one in ten billion images have hashes that match each other. The great thing is that PhotoDNA removed more than 2 billion photos without a single false positive report.

Are you worried that this technology isn’t renowned or good enough.? Well, if you are thinking wrong! This software is used by many online websites and social media platforms as it prevents people from becoming vulnerable to illegal content. Some examples are Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other companies that host images uploaded by the user. 

Back in 2017, Gizmodo pointed out that Discord was having a problem as many users started sending out images related to child pornography through DMs. The number of images flagged by PhotoDNA as inappropriate is still unknown, but we later did not see any reports in 2018 or 2019. 

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How Discord places limits on your privacy?

You are most probably concerned about this platform. Most people might dread that using Discord may put limits on their privacy, and they may not talk comfortably. They will love the sharing, gaming, and chatting features of Discord, but as it doesn’t come with the best discord end to end encryption, people keep wishing that developers implement this to increase security. 

Like we mentioned before, and we will reiterate our advice that you should be careful when you are talking about personal, sensitive information on Discord. As your messages are logging on servers, there is a higher chance that someone might steal your information. This data breach can be dangerous, and you may have to face awful consequences.

There are a large number of discord servers that may involve people who may spread chat logs everywhere. As the platform is so huge, no one will ever figure out who took a screenshot to spread the information around the internet.

You can never possibly catch the culprit in the huge crowd of avatars. This is the reason why you might have to limit sharing stuff because it might get into the wrong hands, and people can manipulate you by threatening to use that data against you. 

If you are a sociable person who loves meeting new people and expanding their social circle that includes amazing individuals then Discord is a great social media platform that you can use to communicate your thoughts to your friends. Yet again, we cannot blindly trust people and assume that they will not hack into our accounts. You must be careful when talking to strangers and don’t give them every detail about your life. If you have a child using it, please supervise them when talking to their friends on Discord. 

Indeed, Discord is not interested in getting data from your private chats and sending it to other companies. You must be careful what you are talking about on this platform because you make one offensive claim, and you are out of Discord. You don’t have to be extremely conscious about it though. Just take deep breaths and engage in sophisticated dialogue. 


We know that after reading this article, you may be a bit hesitant to use Discord. However, you don’t have to be worried about your data security at all! The discord end-to-end encryption isn’t that strong. However, Discord comes with an advanced technology that Microsoft and Dartmouth built for the sole purpose to protect people from unauthorized access. 

You can use this platform for different reasons! For example, you can turn your servers into an interactive classroom. You can call your friends on it – you can notify them whenever you are free to challenge them in a game. There are hundreds of ways you can utilize this platform to expand your social engagement! Plus, it comes with spectacular people that will erase the long distances between people and make communication easier. 

We know that you love making friends, and we aren’t discouraging you from using this platform because it doesn’t have a discord end to end encryption. Instead, we can suggest that you act wisely and you don’t discuss things that may be important or related to you (eg: credit card numbers). Otherwise, you are free to be on this platform and enjoy yourself with your friends.

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