Discord Account Disabled? (Reasons & Fixes)


Discord is a very fun way to connect to your friends and squad around the world to have a virtual gathering via audio calls, texts, or video calls option of the discord.

You Can use Discord as a streaming portal. You can stream Netflix on discord easily to watch and share your favorite media with others. But to use this feature, you have to know how it works? If your account got disabled, then you can’t do anything in discord. So please be careful while using discord.

You must already know what discord is and how it works.

What we evaluated from the situation is that you are looking for a solution to the discord disabled account due to some reasons.

Discord account disabled? Discord disables the account if you violate its terms or community guidelines, or If your age is less than 18. Your account can also be disabled if you are inactive for more than 2 years.

We researched deep into the problem of discord disabled accounts and found some ways that will surely help you get out of this confusing situation.

We penned down all the scenarios and their results regarding the disabled accounts to get you easily and conveniently what you are looking for.

Well, we are here to answer all your confusion, concerns, and questions regarding Discord disabled accounts. 

All the questions and procedures to set them might seem complicated to you at first but don’t worry we tried our best to make everything super easy and convenient for your comfortable learning. 

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Reasons Behind Discord Disabled Accounts

A lot of users are complaining about the fact that their discord accounts got disabled without any reason. Here are some main reasons why Discord accounts are disabled:

Reason #1: If you Violated the Terms and Conditions.

Reason #2: If your age is less than 18.

Reason #3: If you have been doing spamming.

Reason #4: If you have been reported by a moderator for any kind of abusive content.

Reason #5: If your account has been inactive for more than 2 years.

Reason #6: If you have violated the community guidelines.

Reason #7: If your account is being investigated for possible fraud. 

For more details you can read the complete Terms and conditions.

Difference Between A Deleted Account and A Disabled account?

The most important thing to understand before learning about the discord disabled account is what factors differentiate them from each other.

The main difference between them is that once you choose the option of deleting your discord account then you cannot revert the option or recover it again.

You might have to create a new account to get the discord access again. 

The second option that discord comes with is to disable your account.

While disabling the discord account, you still have the option to recover it back later when you require it.

If you disable your discord account, you will no longer get any notifications from them. 

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Contact Discord Support

After you have found out the reason why your Discord account is disabled then you need to contact the Discord support team to reactivate or re-enable your account. You can contact the support team via the help center or using this email: support@discordapp.com. If this does not help then you will need to submit an appeal.

Submit The Appeal Form

You will get an email from the Discord team stating the reason why they disabled your Discord account.

And if you think that your account is not in violation of the policy they stated or you think that your account got disabled in an error then here are the steps to submit an appeal to restore your disabled Discord account:

  1. Go to https://dis.gd/contact
  2. Select the “Trust & Safety” option for “What can we help you with?”
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Select the “Appeals, age update, other questions” for “How can we help?”
  5. Then select the “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” option.
  6. And finally “An action was taken on my account”.
  7. Confirm the checkboxes stating that “You are not too young” and “You have read the Terms of service & community guidelines”.
  8. Enter the subject and description and you’re good to go!

Here is what your form will look like.

Discord appeal form

Note: You must enter the same email address in the appeal form that you used for your Discord account while registering.

And if you registered using the phone number instead then enter the same phone number in the appeal form.

Note: You must keep in mind that your account will only be disabled for 14 days and after 14 days the discord account will automatically be deleted. 

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Reach The Team On Social Media

If you want to connect with the Discord team, there are a few different ways to do that! They have their Twitter account and Facebook page. And also have a Reddit where they post a lot of stuff too. you can send them a message there too!

Wait For The Reply

We don’t have any way of knowing how long it will take for your account to be reactivated. It can take from 24 hours to weeks depending on the reason for the action taken on your account. So, you just need to be patient and keep an eye on your email inbox.

Why are discord accounts disabled?

Discord accounts are not only disabled by a person’s own choice but they can also happen due to some other reasons.

Your discord account can get disabled if you violate the rules, regulations, community guidelines, terms, and conditions of the discord app.

At the time of making the discord account, they show you some rules and regulations that you have to read, understand and agree on to successfully create an account

Some of these violations include hate speech, harassment, threatening, violence, blackmailing, hacking servers, sending viruses, or promoting unethical things.

There are many other violations of the discord app that you can check in their agreement section. Your account will not get disabled if you use it ethically.

How to disable a discord account?

The last question that we have on our list is how to disable a discord account. It is pretty simple and easy.

Go to your desktop, launch the discord application, and log in to your account. Now, locate the user settings and select the account option to edit your account.

Scroll down to the bottom of the window and select disable account located next to the delete account. 

What do Discord disabled accounts look like?

You might be wondering about what your discord account will look like or act like after disabling it because disabling the discord account does not permanently delete your account.

It stays there on the server and you just don’t have access to it anymore.

Disabled accounts are shown as regular accounts but they never become online and will remain offline but if you delete a discord account then the server will have shown that the user has deleted his account. 

discord disabled account

If you try to send any message to a disabled account then it will be sent from you but the person with a disabled account will never get the message or text.

Similarly, if you try to audio call or video call on a disabled account of discord then it will automatically put you in the call and does not ring anymore like you are the only person in the call. 

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Restoring the Account You Disabled Yourself

Have you disabled your discord account accidentally or have your mode changed about disabling the discord account?

Don’t worry it is never too late to recover your disabled discord accounts.

The feature was also introduced so if you want to get a little distance from communicating on discord for some time and get back later. You can easily recover or restore your disabled discord account. 

To recover your self-disabled discord account, go to the login page.

Now, put in your information and try to log in. Discord will show you that your discord account is disabled and if you want to get back to your account again, follow the steps:

  • Click on ‘Restore account
  • Follow all the steps prompted by Discord.
  • After filling in all the details, you’ll get access again.


How Can I Contact Discord Support?

You can contact support through the Help Center or by emailing us at support@discordapp.com

How can I get my account back?

It can be a little difficult to get your account back if it’s disabled because of a violation. But you can give it a try by following the steps given above.

Is it true that deactivating a Discord account deletes all messages?

Deactivating the account does not remove any data in your account. But if you delete your account then all of your messages will also be deleted.

How long does it take for my Discord account to be reactivated?

We don’t have any way of knowing how long it will take for your account to be reactivated. It can take from 24 hours to weeks depending on the reason for the action taken on your account.

Will My Discord Account Be Deleted Forever?

When you delete your discord account you have 14 days to recover it. And after that time you can not recover your account.


As we have reached the end of the guide on discord disabled accounts, let us conclude the article in style with summarized points so you can remember all the factors to recall them later at the time of need.

We tried to answer the most common problems and confusions regarding discord disabled accounts such as:

  • What is the difference between a discord deleted account and a disabled account?
  • What disabled accounts look like?
  • How to restore a disabled or deleted account?
  • Why a discord account is disabled?
  • How to disable a discord account?

We hope that you must have understood all the necessary points and things regarding this matter.

Now is the time for action.

By learning and understanding all the factors, you can recognize your main problem and follow the steps as we mentioned above to solve your problem.

Go to the discord application and do all the actions to save your disabled account because of uncertain or any other known reasons.

We wish you a happy discarding! 

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  1. hello I’m jenisyn and I was trying to log in to my account on discord, as you can see my account is disabled I would like to have my account back it has a lot of friends and things I love plz may you give me my account back that would be great but also before I go plz tell me why my account was disabled cause if I violated the rules I’m very sorry and I did not mean too, It would break my heart if I lost my account plz may you give my account back to me plz. have a good day.

    1. Hi jenisyn, please follow the steps given in this guide and it’ll help you restore your account.


        1. My Discord account has just been disabled, and I don’t have steps to reenable it, Discord just shows “account disabled” message and that’s it. What should I do?

          1. Did you get any email from Discord? Check out your email inbox because they send an email with the reason explaining why they disabled your account.

          2. If you don’t find any way to restore it the submit the appeal to restore the account and wait for the response from Discord team.

            Appeal form: https://dis.gd/contact
            You can get the details on how to fill the form in the article under the section “Submit an Appeal to undisable your account”.

            – Tehseen

  2. i was off my account for a month and when i came back it is disabled,can i please get my account back

  3. My discord account has been disabled and they didn’t even give me the reason i got banned that doesn’t make any sense.

    1. The send the email with the reason why the disabled the account. May be it went into the spam folder. You can also try resetting your password.


  4. when I try this on both website and app it doesn’t say i can restore it. is there any other way i can restore it? i dont wanna lose my account :/

    1. Can you please check your email? Because Discord team may have sent you an email about the reason as well as any solution.


  5. When I try to login to my account it says that it’s disabled, but theres no where I can go to get it undisabled again. I checked my email and it just says that the account has been disabled and gives a list of reasons why it could have been disabled but none of the things on the list were things that I did. (Theres 5 reasons it could’ve been disabled on the list, they’re all about spamming or bot-like interactions, neither of which I have done.) Is there any way to get this back or is going to be gone forever in 15 days?

    1. Hi Atlas,

      You should submit an appeal ASAP and hope that they restore your account.

      Appeal form: https://dis.gd/contact

      You can get the details on how to fill the form in the article under the section “Submit an Appeal to undisable your account”.

      – Tehseen

  6. hello, my account got disabled and i checked my email and it said that i was sending stuff to shock others and that i was sending gore and thats not true i know why my account got disabled cause some homophobes were attacking my and my friend and they probably mass reported our accounts so what can i do about this? i did already email discord but thats probably not gonna help..- i hope my account gets restored cause i have alot of memories on there and i didnt do anything -Tobias

    1. Hi Tobias,

      If you think that your account is disabled unjuslty then you can submit an appeal to restore it.

      Appeal form: https://dis.gd/contact

      You can get the details on how to fill the form in the article under the section “Submit an Appeal to undisable your account”.

      – Tehseen

  7. I logged into my account 2 days ago, and it said account disabled. I have sent them multiple appeals, which all have the same content inside it, saying that it will be in touch with me shortly, but they never got in touch for 2 days. I am not so sure how to fix it now, please help me.

    1. Hi,

      Don’t send them too many appeals, they may mark your email as spam and never get back to you. As they get too many appeals on daily basis, so they may ignore if they don’t want to reactivate any account according to their criteria and the reason for which they disable someone’s account.

      I suggest you to wait a little more.


  8. hello, my account was disabled because i had put in my phone number from that account into a new account which then kicked me out. i don’t know how to get my account back and i have an event that i will be hosting tommorow (march 29, 2022) 12pm gmt+8.

  9. Hi. My discord account got disabled yesterday (Thursday June 2 2022). Please undisable my discord account.

  10. ## Comment SPAM Protection: ShieldPRO marked this comment as “Pending Moderation”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “dont know” in “comment_content” ##
    My Account got already disabled 16 Days ago, on 25. May.
    When i was asleep i got some Messages on my Phone (Links to Websides that People i dont know send and a Group i never accepted a Invitation for) but i was half asleep, so i wanted to check later that Afternoon but when i wanted to check what was going on, my Account was already disabled (Got a Mail that it was disabled for Spam etc)
    I Immediatley send then a Mail as it was described on this Webside here, but i really start to worry since not once in the last 16 Days i got a Reply from Discord, and my Attempt to contact them on Twitter last Week resulted in a Bot like Message “That i should send a Mail to the Support”.
    Its really frustrating since Discord is my only Plattform where i have some Online Friends and some Groups regarding the Games i play and Discord being unable to send any Form of Reply after 2 Weeks and i worry that it was hacked and they did some Weird Stuff (according to a Friend in a Game she got a Warning when she wanted to send me a Message regarding my Account is not safe or so)

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