What is Discord App?

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It is no wrong if we say that games and internet go hand in hand, they are like Pepsi and lays together. Being a gaming enthusiast, I would feel blessed having a safer platform where I can communicate with my gaming fellows especially in this deadly pandemic. Are you also missing those days when we used to lay on couch with our friends and play video games alongside some popcorns and drinks?

But, without gathering at one place, you can still have a chance to play games being connected to your friends. Yes, I am talking about Discord app. Have you ever heard about this app? No? Don’t worry we will let you all you need to know about ‘what is Discord app’. During this deadly pandemic, this app helped saving many lives as they were about to die of depression being alone in their houses.

This online chatting platform will never let you feel alone as you can always stay connected with your friends and fellows belonging to every community. More than 140 million people joined Discord and become monthly active during the last few years, and they rebranded them in 2020 alongside a tagline ‘your place to talk’. According to a research, over 250 million people get themselves registered during the period of pandemic. Keep reading this article to know more about ‘what is Discord app’.

About Discord App

This online platform was mainly created for the gamers but now 70% of the users of this app are from nongaming community. This app was introduced to the people in 2015, the purpose of this app was to let the PC gamers communicate with each other online. You can communicate with them through voice chat, video chat or even by texting them. This app was originally designed for instant interaction and creating communities.

You can chat privately through video, voice or text or you can be a part of a specific community which is called server in Discord glossary. This online platform available in 28 languages gained success and popularity rapidly. The platform took two steps forward, one step back with their satisfying customer care and services. Do you know Microsoft announced that they will be supporting this app for Xbox Live users in 2018? To stay updated with the latest news follow our blog.

The programme allows users to establish servers with a range of text and audio channels. A traditional server could feature chat rooms for specified themes such as chat and music talks and voice channels for certain games or activities. Thanks to its high-quality, low-latency chat, Twitch streamers and Podcasters are popular. It also supports huge video chats to maintain the creation of zooms.

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A Guide to the Parents About Discord App.

Sitting alongside your kid and exploring their favorite app or game is a terrific approach to find out more about internet things. You can ask them why they enjoy using an app or play some games, with whom they communicate and what they discuss. Check your child’s confidentiality and allow the Keep Me Safe function to adjust who he can talk to and what he can see.

You can speak individually or as a group on a “server” with other users on Discord. There are thousands of public Discord servers and gaming tips are particularly popular. Since these are public servers, your child will be able to see commentary that worries or upsets them. We propose only chatting with friends, for example with their schoolmates you have already met. For example.

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We recommend that your child use the public servers solely with the supervision and support of a parent or guardian if you allow your boy to use them. Contact your child regularly to see which servers or conversations they have attended and who they speak to online. Discord’s own educational handbook was established. They provide you three advice to make the account of your teen as safe as possible. The following are:

  • Select a safe, powerful password
  • See who may send immediate messages and requests to your friends.
  • Content inadequate block

You must talk to your child about these tips and take them together to ensure that you both understand how you can be safe.

Is Discord Free?

Discord is free to use, but you can sign up for Discord Nitro if you want to do more. Nitro customers also get two server upgrades; basically, tokens you can use to make things even better on a server. Additional emoji slots, better music and graphics, animated server symbols and so on receives improved server’s dependent on the number of boosts obtained.

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If you are a Nitro user, you will get animated avatars, custom emojis, HD video for streaming, screen-sharing, and bigger upload size limits. If you are now looking forward to joining Discord app and wants to create a room to interact with your fellows and co-workers, you must go to the settings of Discord server. It might take a few seconds to operate, click on the option located on the left bottom of the mobile app ‘Add a Server’.

You will find a big plus sign, clicking that will pop up the prompts available. You can initiate by inviting your friends to get some people on your discord. But, if you are not into creating your own server, you can also search and explore different public servers of your interest. By joining these communities of your interest will help you connect with many fans relating to your favorite hoppy or game.


The growth of Discord app can’t be controlled now, as more and more people are inclined towards their services. After knowing the answer to the question ‘what is Discord app’, you can also go forward to approach your friends and fellows belonging to the community of your interest. Enjoy your quarantine with this amazing app that offers a staying connected privilege even in the days of COVID pandemic. 

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