Discord is a very fun way to connect to your friends and squad around the world to have a virtual gathering via audio calls, texts, or video calls option of the discord. You must already know what discord is and how it works. What we evaluated from the situation is that you are looking for a solution to the discord disabled account due to some reasons. Well, if you are looking for a discord disabled account then we would love to say that you are definitely in the right place to get all your answers to clear your thoughts out. 

We researched deep into the problem of discord disabled accounts and found some ways that will surely help you get out of this confusing situation. We penned down all the scenarios and their results regarding discord disabled accounts to get you easily and conveniently what you are looking for. For the perfect solution, read our informative guide till the end to have a great experience and happy ending to this story. 

Discord disabled account

What can be more annoying than losing your communicating accounts like discord or accidentally deleting them and regretting them later? Well, we are here to answer all your confusions, concerns, and questions regarding discord disabled accounts. 

All the questions and procedures to set them might seem complicated to you at first but don’t worry we tried our best to make everything super easy and convenient for your comfortable learning. 

Let’s get going with our very first question concerning discord disable accounts. 

What is the difference between a discord deleted account and a disabled account?

The most important thing to understand before learning about the discord disabled account is what factors differentiate them from each other. The main difference between them is that once you choose the option of deleting your discord account then you cannot revert the option or recover it again. You might have to create a new account to get the discord access again. 

The second option that discord comes with is to disable your account. While disabling the discord account, you still have the option to recover it back later when you require it. If you disable your discord account, you will no longer get any notifications from them. 

What disabled accounts look like?

You might be wondering about how your discord account will look like or act like after disabling it because disabling the discord account does not permanently delete your account. It stays there on the server and you just don’t have access to it anymore. Disabled accounts are shown as regular accounts but they never become online and will remain offline but if you delete a discord account then the server will have shown that the user has deleted his account. 

discord disabled account

If you try to send any message to a disabled account then it will be sent from you but the person with a disabled account will never get the message or text. Similarly, if you try to audio call or video call on a disabled account of discord then it will automatically put you in the call and does not ring anymore like you are the only person in the call. 

How to restore a disabled discord account?

Have you disabled your discord account accidentally or have your mode changed about disabling the discord account? Don’t worry it is never too late to recover your disabled discord accounts. The feature was also introduced so if you want to get a little distance from communicating on discord for some time and get back later. You can easily recover or restore your disabled discord account. 

To recover your disabled discord account, go to your desktop and open the discord application. Now, put in your information and try to log in. Discord will show you that your discord account is disabled and if you want to get back to your account again, follow the steps:

  • Click on ‘restore account
  • Follow all the steps prompted by the Discord.
  • After filling all the details, you’ll get the access again.

Submit an Appeal to undisable your account

You will get an email from the Discord team stating the reason that why they disabled your Discord account. And if you think that your account is not in violation of the policy they stated or you think that your account got disabled in an error then here are the steps to submit an appeal to restore your disabled Discord account:

  1. Go to https://dis.gd/contact
  2. Select “Trust & Safety” option for “What can we help you with?”
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Select the “Appeals, age update, other questions” for “How can we help?”
  5. Then select the “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” option.
  6. And finally “An action taken on my account”.
  7. Confirm the checkboxes stating that “You are not too young” and “You have read the Terms of service & community guidelines”.
  8. Enter the subject and description and you’re good to go!

Here is how your form will look like.

Discord appeal form

Note: You must enter the same email address in the appeal form that you used for your Discord account. And if you registered using the phone number instead then enter the same phone number in the appeal form.

Note: You must keep in mind that your account will only be disabled for 15 days and after 15 days the discord account will automatically be deleted. 

Why are discord accounts disabled?

Discord accounts are not only disabled by a person’s own choice but they can also happen due to some other reasons. Your discord account can get disabled if you violate rules, regulations, community guidelines, terms, and conditions of the discord app. At the time of making the discord account, they show you some rules and regulations that you have to read, understand and agree on to successfully create an account

Some of these violations include hate speech, harassment, threatening, violence, blackmailing, hacking servers, sending viruses, or promoting unethical things. There are many other violations of the discord app that you can check in their agreement section. Your account will not get disabled if you use it ethically.

How to disable a discord account?

The last question that we have on our list is how to disable a discord account. It is pretty simple and easy. Go to your desktop, launch the discord application, and log in to your account. Now, locate the user settings and select the account option to edit your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and select disable account located next to the delete account. 


As we have reached the end of the guide on discord disabled accounts, let us conclude the article in style with summarized points so you can remember all the factors to recall them later at the time of need. We tried to answer the most common problems and confusions regarding discord disabled accounts such as What is the difference between discord deleted account and disabled account, what disabled accounts look like, how to restore a disabled or deleted account, why a discord account is disabled, and How to disable a discord account. 

We hope that you must have understood all the necessary points and things regarding this matter. Now is the time for action. By learning and understanding all the factors, you can recognize your main problem and follow the steps as we mentioned above to solve your problem. Go to the discord application and do all the actions to save your disabled account because of uncertain or any other known reasons. We wish you a happy discording!