Fix: Steam Error Adding Friend

Steam Error Adding Friend

Steam is one of the best digital game distribution platforms that has a number of games for the users to buy, download and play. Besides this, lots of other applications you will also find over there.

On the other hand, it also provides amazing features to steam users, having windows 10 and 11. One of those amazing features is to add multiple friends and play together. 

It is indeed an amazing feature that millions of game users enjoy and play with their friends. But sometimes while using steam, you encounter Steam error adding friend. This issue prevents you from adding any person as a friend.

This Steam Error Adding Friend issue is reported by Windows 10 users when they try to add any friend to their friend list. Instead, you get a message showing that STEAM ERROR ADDING FRIEND.

This article is intended to make you aware of the reasons and solutions to this problem plus how you can fix and get rid of this error.

Causes of Steam Error Adding Friend

When you face this issue, you are shown a message on your screen, saying that:

Error adding Friend. Communication between you and this user has been blocked

There might be the following reasons causing this issue including:

1. The User Might be Blocked

One of the most prominent causes of getting this STEAM ERROR ADDING FRIEND message while adding someone as a friend to your friend list is the blocked user. So first of all go and check if the user is blocked.

2. Limited Account

Another reason might be Limited User Accounts. When you join steam, your account is limited and has certain limitations. That’s why you find yourself unable to add any friends.

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Coming towards the solutions, here are a few recommendations that can help you to resolve Steam Error Adding Friend and get out of this problem. You may try these recommendations that are given below in order to check whether your issue is resolved or not.

These recommendations include:

  1. Check carefully whether the user is in your blocked list or not
  2. Check the type of Account 
  3. Check Friends Requests you have
  4. Refresh Steam
  5. Using Steam://flushconfig Command
  6. Disable Family Sharing

Let’s have a look at these points and try to understand them in detail to fix this error permanently.

1. Check the Blocked List

Usually, error adding friend comes when you try to add the friend or family member that you have put in your block list. So first of all make it confirm that the person you are trying to add is not in your block list.

2. Launch Steam on your PC.

  1. Select the link of Manage Friends.
  2. Click on the Blocked Users tab.
  3. Search for the Blocked User and remove him.
  4. Select the More button 
  5. Click on Unblock all communication.
  6. Click on Yes, unblock them.
  7. After this, you are now able to add that user as a friend again.
  8. Always remember that you can’t add that person who has put you on the block list. In this situation, you won’t be able to add him as well.

3. Check Account Type

To prevent steam from scammers, steam has implemented a security measure that makes it safer to use. This implements to everyone, even new steam users also have these account limitations. This limitation prevents you from adding friends. However, there is an easy way that can help you to get a full steam account that is to Purchase Games From Steam.

Once you purchase the game and that game is added to your account, you will get a Full Steam Account with all features. Plus you’ll also be able to add your friends without any problem.

So for new users who haven’t purchased any game, it won’t be possible for them to add any friends, until and unless they purchase a game.

4. Clear Pending Friend Requests

Another easy way to resolve STEAM ERROR ADDING FRIENDS can be fixed by accepting or denying the friend request. As we all know that steam allows you to add only limited friends and friend requests.

So sometimes you can’t add friends because of the number of friend invites. So after accepting these friend requests you would be able to add your friends without any issue.

In fact, it is also recommended that you just go and check your friend invites, remove all pending friend invites and check again whether this issue is resolved or not.

5. Use Steam://flushconfig Command

Steam Error Adding Friend can easily be resolved by using this command and that is the steam://flushconfig command. Here are the steps, you need to follow:

  • Press Windows Key + R 
  • A run dialogue will open up.
  • Enter steam://flushconfig in the Run dialog and then click on  OK/ Enter.
  • It will allow steam to reset its configuration that will make you able to add friends.

6. Disable Family Sharing

One of the useful features Steam has is Family Sharing. It allows people to share their games with their loved ones. Isn’t it a great feature? By using this feature your family members can play your steam games on their own computer without even purchasing them.

Although it’s a great feature and you can share your game with your family members but it has a drawback also and that is that while your family member is using your account, you would not be able to use your account or play any game.

On the other hand, it also causes errors while adding your friend. In that case, you need to disable this feature permanently to remove this Steam Error Adding Friend.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to disable the family sharing option:

  • Start Steam.
  • Go to the Settings and open the Family tab.
  • Here you will see the option of managing other computers. Select this button
  • This process can also be done from your Steam profile.

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