How To Level Your Steam Profile?


The higher up you go on your Steam account level, the more bonuses you will be able to score. This means extra friend slots and higher rates of drops on booster card packs. If you want to crawl up the leaderboard of steam users, read on ahead and find out the most effective tricks.

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Steam Basics:

Before you even get close to leveling up your gaming profile, you must first be well-versed with the gaming trends and basic features.

  • XP awards are obtained through crafts badges.
  • You can craft a badge by trading cards, but these get dropped when you play games.
  • A game drops only half of a full set, meaning you are required to purchase or trade the rest on the marketplace of Steam.
  • A single crafted badge provides about 100 XP. If you want to level up, you can do it up to four times by obtaining and crafting similar cards consecutively, until you reach 500 XP.
  •  When you have crafted a game badge, you might receive booster packs every few sessions. The set will contain three random cards each. A higher steam level will earn you a higher chance of scoring booster packs – with a +20% drop rate granted with every 10 levels.

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A 4-Step Guide For A Better Steam Score:

Here are some tips that will help lift your gaming with the help of profile manipulation.

  1. Steam Tools offer a level-cost calculator for users to assess how much they should spend on cards. If you want to reach a particular level, you can make use of this tool. However, it does not consider XP that is obtained through Steam sales or non-card badges.
  2. Once you have collected a complete set, you can craft badges. However, it is best to wait for Steam sales that open up each summer and winter. If you craft your badges during sale seasons, you’ll earn bonus steam event cards. These event-specific badges can then be cashed in for endless leveling up through the sale period.
  3. XP will not be the only thing rewarded to you at the crafting time, every badge will also drop three items. This includes emoticons and profile backgrounds that are of significant monetary value in the gaming world. You can sell these drops and use the money to boost your profile, even up to 903!
  4. Using foil cards often gets you 100 XP, which is the same amount you’ll earn with a standard batch. You can instead sell them to purchase regular, cheap cards in bulk.

Here are some steal deals to elevate your gameplay and develop a stronger profile. With these simple tricks, you’ll notice a lot of improvement in your Steam profile.

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