Spy X Family Chapter 72: Release Date and Time


Spy X Family’s new chapter will be released soon for manga fans across the world.

Spy X Family Chapter 72:

As per the sources and links that are available on the internet and social media, it tells that Spy X Family will be coming again soon for fans across the world. Chapter 72 will be arriving for manga fans worldwide. Fans will be anxiously waiting for the manga as it will be packing some fun content inside it, and fans will be experiencing something amazing this time.

But before Chapter 72 arrives, we will tell you a little about what happened in Chapter 71. In this chapter, Yuri finds out about the hijacked bus where Anya is one of the passengers. The Lieutenant forbids Yuri to be present at the crime scene as Anya might have recognized him.

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However, Becky’s father might have worked up upon hearing about the incident and thinking of sending tanks and jets to Route 1. Anya found out that the bomb which was attached to her neck was a fake one. The police arrived at the scene.

Now we know that the police have surrounded the hijacked bus, there is a chance that the kids will be saved. Or let’s just see this as a worst-case scenario, the suspects inside the hijack will try to harm the kids.

Yuri will be thinking of helping, as he can’t see his sister in the worst state if something happens to Anya. Yor got the information about this incident. Since she actually cares for Anya, Yor will be taking some actions and won’t stay at a place.

Red Circus Group has demand, but they aren’t precise as of now. It is in leaks that will be more apparent in the next chapter.

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Release Date and Time:

According to the reports and sources, it tells that the Spy X Family will be making its way to the manga fans on 27th November 2022. However, the title of this chapter is not revealed yet. Manga fans who are looking forward to experiencing this manga have to stay updated on this news. They have to keep checking on the updates related to Spy X Family.

Where To Read Spy X Family?

If you are a fan of Spy X Family and thinking of reading the manga, then you have to check Viz Media’s official website. You can get free access to the latest three chapters or simply subscribe to get a whole library of chapters of this manga.

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