Apple Gaining On Online Ads Against Facebook & Google after iOS Privacy Change


Google and Facebook have to move aside from online advertising because there’s a new company on the block.

Apple Takes On Facebook And Google In Online Advertising:

According to the reports, companies like Google and Facebook online advertising might be getting new competitors. The supremacy will be ending soon.

In a new study from Appsumer that came out recently, Cupertino-based Apple is the new kid on the block in the field of digital ads. Veterans of this field, Google and Facebook, are not in much demand nowadays.

There’s new research which was based on the online ad budgets of around 100 consumer app companies, has revealed that Apple’s ad business is booming right now. The company’s latest iOS privacy update in 2021 made it hard for Facebook to track down the users who are present online.

On the other hand, Apple’s search ads have the benefit for people to advertise on its App Store. For the tech giant Apple, the advertiser adoption rate was up almost 4 percentage points in Q2. Meanwhile, Facebook’s adoption fell by 3 percentage points to 82.8 per cent. Google’s rate dropped 2 points to 94.8 per cent.

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General Manager at Appsumer, Shumel Lais, applauded Apple’s improved standing to a higher number of app developers who are all set to pay up big money for speeding up their downloads.

During this period, Apple’s very own App Tracking Transparency (ATT) update cut short the amount of data ad-based apps like Facebook, which will help in bolstering the ad campaigns of different companies and brands.

Lais also stated, ‘One of the things that are quite interesting is the ATT measurement limitations that are kind of put on the wider network doesn’t exist in the same way for Apple. So, you could say Apple has slightly more visibility or an advantage across the other channels on iOS.”

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Apple iOS Privacy Changes:

In a new iOS update of Apple iPhones, they made some significant changes to the privacy settings in their mobile operating system last year. It allows iPhone users to choose whether advertisers can track them or not. With this, users can opt in according to their preferences. Some of the users declined to let the advertisers track them, while others, around 24 per cent of the iPhone users, had no issue with this new update.

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