Apple Ordered to Suspend iPhone Sales Without Charger in Brazil.


Apple has been rolling out iPhones with no chargers, but they are called out now.

Suspending iPhone sales in Brazil:

Reuters reported that the Justice Ministry in Brazil had ordered the tech giant, Apple, to stop selling iPhones if they come with a charger out of the box. Officials from Brazil have said that Apple is giving an incomplete product to their customers when the power adapter is missing from the box. Govt of Brazil claims this move is a ‘deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers.’

The tech giant has been fined for 12.275million reais (equivalent to $2.34 million) for selling its iPhones without the charging adapter. At the moment, officials have been forcing the company to suspend its offering of any iPhone that is not coming with a power adapter. These iPhones include iPhone 12 and newer models.

São Paulo, a Brazilian state, previously fined Apple, which was close to $2 million for not giving a charger with the latest iPhones. The consumer protection agency of São Paulo said that it is a violation of the Consumer Law Code. As of now, Apple has lost the 2022 lawsuit in the country after a customer didn’t receive a charger and sued the company.

Apple has been in talks with Brazilian officials that not including a power adapter with the iPhone is for the environmental benefits and also cuts down on waste. However, Brazil has rejected this argument.

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In case you missed it, the tech giant, Apple, has stopped putting chargers with iPhones from the start of the 2020s iPhone 12 lineup. Apple isn’t offering EarPods or power adapters in many countries. The phone comes with a USB-C to Lightning charging cable.

In a new statement from Cupertino, it says, “We’ve already won a number of court decisions in Brazil on this topic and are confident our customers are aware of the various options to charge and connect their devices.”

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Apple iPhone 14 Series:

Apple has rolled out their successor of the amazing iPhone 13 series, the iPhone 14 lineup. The lineup has 4 phones in it, a regular iPhone 14 and a bigger iPhone 14 Max, and the two others are the beefed-up Pro versions, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. The phones are sleek and stylish, with amazing chipsets and an efficient battery inside them.

Apple is currently in talks with Brazilian officials; let’s see what happens in the future related to the charger argument.

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