Black Clover Chapter 337: Rumors, Spoilers, and Release Date


The latest addition to the chapters of the manga, Black Clover, is coming soon for manga fans across the world.


According to the sources and reports, Chapter 337 rumors aren’t out yet. You won’t find them on social media or the internet right now. However, we can take a look at a short recap from the last chapter and get to know what actually happened in it:

Nacht Faust takes Yuno Grinberryall to meet Ciel Grinberryall, his mother, and the Queen of the Spade Kingdom. Yuno recognizes her from memories. They were shared by Ralph, while Sylph sees their resemblance. Overjoyed to see him safe and grown. Ciel then hugs Yuno. Albert and the resistance bow to the prince. Asks him to return to the Kingdom of Spades. Sylph is very excited about the idea of King Yuno.

Ciel has more to say to Yuno. Although he won’t accept, he stops her and decides that even he can’t see what the future holds. Now that he has to fulfill the wish. He did to Asta, his family in the Clover Kingdom, his good friend and rival. Meanwhile, in the walled city’s broken bell tower, Asta thanks Liebe because memories of the devil let him see his mother…

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Fans of Black Clover across the world will know that sometime before the new chapter starts, then the spoilers of this chapter will start to circulate on the internet. At the moment, we don’t have spoilers right now. Currently, there are no spoilers of Chapter 337 that are available for our readers. However, we will be updating this space as soon as we get spoilers from somewhere.

Release Date and Time:

According to the reports and sources, it tells that the new chapter of Black Clover will be coming soon in the upcoming days. Manga fans have to wait for some days to experience the latest chapter of Black Clover. As of now, the title of the chapter is still unknown. Also, the number of pages is unknown as well.

The official release date of this chapter is listed below for different regions:

  • 11th Sept (7 AM, Pacific Time)
  • 11th Sept (9 AM, Central Time)
  • 11th Sept (10 AM, Eastern Time)
  • 11th Sept (3 PM, British Time)
  • 11th Sept (4 PM, Central European Time)

Fans who are waiting for this chapter can note this timing to experience the latest chapter of Black Clover.

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