YouTube Shorts Adding Watermark To Stop Cross-Platform Sharing


Leading online video sharing and streaming platform YouTube is all set to add watermark to their short videos.

YouTube Shorts Adding Watermark:

According to the reports and sources that are spreading on the internet and social media, it tells that YouTube is looking forward to adding a watermark in order to keep the content original. Creators have to download the short that they have made to download it with the YouTube watermark.

YouTube’s community manager posted this update on a support thread that tells this feature updates for the Shorts viewers and creators. The post says, “If you are a creator who downloads your Shorts from YouTube Studio to share across other platforms, you will now find a watermark added to your downloaded content.

We’ve added a watermark to the Shorts you download, so your viewers can be that the content you are sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts. This is rolling out over the next few weeks on desktop, and we plan to expand to mobile over the coming months.”

Whenever a creator uses the company’s technology to make a video, the platform wants the credit as the source. Many other platforms, for instance, TikTok, have made this the same way for years by placing their recognizable logo watermark on any video that is downloaded from the app.

TikTok’s videos have the watermark of the creator’s handle, and it will direct you to TikTok. Also, the watermark keeps bouncing on the screen, which most people can’t just get rid of it by cropping it.

As per the reports and sources, it tells that the Meta-owned platform, Instagram, has taken some steps further. Instagram suppresses content that has a watermark from another app.

At the moment, creators of Shorts will be getting this feature in the upcoming days. They will be able to put a watermark, and no one will steal their original content after that.

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YouTube Shorts:

YouTube Shorts is an ideal short-form video-sharing platform made by YouTube. The platform has user content, much like YouTube’s main service. However, the videos are restricted to 60-second length. Since its launch, Shorts have around 5 trillion views so far.

YouTube Shorts has around 30 Billion daily views on the platform. The ads on Shorts will make YouTube earn a good amount of money from the shorts. With this, YouTube will get maximize earnings.

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