The Exciting New Updates In The Sims 4 July Upgrade


The July update of The Sims 4 is officially released and is bringing forth a pack of exciting features for players who are buying the new pack and also those who are sticking with the base version. So, anyone who is looking forward to gaining benefit from the recent Sims 4 upgrade should update the game now and access all of its core features.

A List Of All The Sims 4 Update Patch Notes

This update is not only to upgrade the game for now but will also complement all of the new content that will arrive with the next expansion later this year. Plus, as mentioned before, this update is for not just players paying for the game. It includes gamers who have the base version of the game.

Plus, the OS upgrade for cellphones, which sports a redesigned user interface, is among the most striking changes. The great news is that nothing has been eliminated, so customization will still be extremely easy to carry out even after the upgrade.

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Other than that, here is a list of updates EA has informed the game’s players about Sims 4 latest upgrade.

  1. Gender And Sexual Orientation

The game has expanded in a lot of different ways, including the part where you have options to support your desired sexual orientation in the Sims. In addition, you can even customize the gender by selecting different gender identities you want your Sim to be romantically attracted to.

Although you should know that if you leave these settings as they are, your Sim will continue to use The Sims’ standard orientation settings. This means that they won’t have a natural affinity to any certain gender, though this attraction can vary as you play the game.

  1. Wants And Fears

In order to make the game more interesting and interactive, your Sims are given a list of different “Wants” that they will want to achieve and even “Fears” they would want to overcome. While this feature will be on default during your gameplay, you can toggle with it in the options menu and adjust it according to your liking.

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  1. Curved Walls

The wish of thousands of Sims 4 players is now coming true, as the collection of Build Tools is being updated with the feature of Curved Walls. You can place and adjust three different types of curved walls. The players who are already familiar with curved fences, platforms, and decks will find the controls for building the walls very easy.   

These along with a bunch of more updates have made this game a much more satisfying and exciting experience for its players.

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