Tokyo Revengers Season 2 to Air on January 2023


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is confirmed, and it will be coming in the first month of 2023.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the successor of Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers is in the pipeline. Fans across the world have to wait for some time to experience the most-anticipated anime of 2023. It will be here for you in the first month of 2023. Only two more months, and you will be watching your favorite anime.

The anime, which is all about time-traveling, may not be that ‘hard-hitting’ just like the other titles. The Toman Gang knows how to handle themselves in fights. Tokyo Revengers got done with their debut season on 18th September. However, the anime will be renewed in the upcoming months.

Now, there’s a brand-new trailer for the Christmas Showdown arc that has been shared online. It confirms that the second season is in the pipeline and makes every fan eagerly wait for the new season, which is set to be released in January 2023.

Tokyo Revengers wastes no time in revealing season 2’s production. It was revealed at the Jump Festa 2022 event. It was confirmed at that time the Christmas Conflict Arc is currently in production.

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There’s a Season 2 announcement on Tokyo Revenger’s anime website. It says, “On Saturday, 18th December, at the TV anime ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Sube Akira Wei Bento-Tokyo Revengers Tachikawa-dori Rinfu- (Special Event-Tachikawa Tsuringu-), “Sacred Night Battle Edition” It has been announced that the production will be decided! The production decision was announced along with the PV that picked up the impressive scenes to “Blood Halloween Edition,” so please take a look at the PV as well.”

What Does Say About Tokyo Revengers?

Some of the fans celebrated the official confirmation of the return of Tokyo Revengers, but they were also surprised by the announcement. The anime series and manga series both gained global popularity. Fans can find the availability of anime and the original manga series anywhere.

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Crunchyroll doesn’t share their viewership statistics for simulcast titles. However, it’s not difficult to see how popular Toman is across the world. Around 561,000 viewers have rated Tokyo Revengers season 1 on MyAnimeList, which indicates an impressive 8.07/10 score.

It bagged some amazing scores and reviews across many websites. For example, 8.1/10 on IMDB, 4.8/5 on Crunchyroll, and 4.⅖ on AnimePlanet.

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