Joker 2 Release Date 2024 – Lady Gaga Cast & More


The sequel of the Joker 2019 is coming in the future for the fans of Joker.

Joker 2:

According to the reports that started to circulate on the internet and social media, it says that Joker 2 will be coming in the future. The director of the film, Todd Phillips posted a picture on Instagram of the sequel script; the official title reads ‘Joker: Folie a Deux’. The word ‘Folie a Deux’ is the translation of French for ‘Madness for Two’.

The title of the movie pretty much tells that the film will be packed with a good storyline and full of madness from the Joker’s side.

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Release Date:

As per the reports that are on the internet and social media, it tells that the film will be hitting the theatres on 4th Oct 2024. This date creates a five-year gap to the day of the original film’s release.

As of now, nobody is sure about the teasers or trailers of the film. The media outlets have no clue when the trailer is out for the fans across the world.


As per the reports, Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the ‘Joker’ role while the very popular Bad Romance singer Lady Gaga will be playing the lead female role in the film. She will be playing the Harley Quinn role.

On 4th Aug, Lady Gaga tweeted about the film for the first time by sharing a short video clip. The clip features an instrumental of Cheek to Cheek with a silhouette of Phoenix and Gaga dancing.

No connection with the Justice League or The Batman:

As per the leaks and rumors that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the new Joker won’t have any type of connection with the Justice League or The Batman. Fans around the world can expect this film to be totally in its own independent universe. There will be no connection with any of the DC movies.

Todd Philips spoke to various media outlets in which he said that ‘Joker’ will have its own universe and it will take on the character. It won’t have any connection with other DC films.

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A little about Joker 2019:

Joker, which was released back in 2019, was an incredible movie. It was a psychological thriller film which was directed by Todd Phillips. The film is based on a character who is a party clown who lives with her ill mother in a little apartment. When society treats him bad and tells him that he’s a freak, he turns the tables and jumps on doing crimes and chaos in the city.

Joker received the highest ratings, and it was the sixth-highest-grossing film of 2019. Joker won the Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Original Score. Many critics and websites have called this movie a masterpiece because of the storyline and the awesome execution from the director and producer.

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