All You Need To Know About Google Confidential Mode


Google’s Confidential Mode is the feature that you need to use from now on.

Google Confidential Mode:

The confidential mode in Gmail doesn’t use the standard email protocols to deliver your message to the receiver. The message is hosted on Google’s server. Gmail will be protecting confidential emails on its own. Recipients of your emails will be required to click on a link to view the message in their browser.

This feature is to help you protect sensitive information from being to others accidentally or without your permission. In the confidential mode, you can’t forward, copy, print, or download. Recipients can download the message or any attachments from it.

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Below are the things that the senders can do for the confidential mode:

  • Set an expiration date for the email
  • Cancel the message access anytime
  • Ask for verification codes by text to let the recipients open messages

There’s one thing that everyone needs to know is that while the confidential mode stops the messages from being shared with others, it won’t stop recipients from taking screenshots, screen recording, or forwarding them. Also, anyone with malicious software applications can copy and download the messages and the attachments that are present in the messages.

How to Send Emails in Confidential Mode:

The confidential mode is new in Gmail. Users who want to send emails using the confidential mode have to check whether it is enabled or not.

To verify that confidential mode is accessible to you, open a new message window, and search for the confidential mode icon in the bottom toolbar. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see Turn Confidential Mode On/Off appearing on your screen.

You can follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Click on the confidential mode icon.
  • Enter the details whenever you like to email to expire. You can choose whether you want to ask for SMS verification from the recipient.
  • Compose your email just like you do in the regular mode. (Once you’ve composed, you will see a badge verifying that you are in confidential mode)
  • Send the email as you do.
  • If you have enabled the SMS option, you have to put a phone number.
  • Access your message from the Sent folder. You can disable any of these options at any time.

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Users who want to send confidential emails can use this method.

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