AirBnb Launches’ Anti-Party’ Tech To Track Rule Breakers


Airbnb is all set to do the crackdown using the new tech feature to deal with rule breakers.

‘Anti-Party’ technology:

According to the reports and leaks which are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Airbnb is launched a new feature to deal with the rule breakers in the USA and Canada. Back in June 2022, they started banning parties and events on all Airbnb listings, but now the reports that started to surface on the internet say they are rolling out new screening tools.

The company is taking a new stance on ‘anti-party’ tech, which will identify all the potential rule breakers by taking a look at their history of positive reviews, how long the user is using this platform, lengths of the trips, the distance of the listing, how many weekdays and weekends were booked. It will be a deep search of the user from the company.

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The company has said that this technology is designed and tailored to prevent bookings that might get turned into unauthorized parties. For instance, it will prevent the rule breakers from booking the property. However, they will be able to book only one single room from the listings where the hosts are already present on the site. With this, it will make it difficult for the rule breakers to start a party without permission. Moreover, this tech won’t allow people below 25 with less than three positive reviews from booking the whole property.

The company is currently testing this tech in Australia since last year, and the results are positive. Airbnb said, “A similar variation of this system has been piloted in Australia since October 2021, where it’s been very effective. We have seen a 35% drop in incidents of unauthorized parties in the areas of Australia where this pilot has been in effect.”

A little about Airbnb:

Airbnb is an amazing platform for people who are looking for a sharing room or renting out a property, making it easier, enjoyable, and safe for the users. The profiles on this platform are verified by the company to maintain a safe and healthy environment for users and owners of the property.

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On this platform, you can find millions of hosts and travelers from around the world. You can create your free account on Airbnb. You can be a traveler finding a room to stay or a host who is ready to host anyone in your city. The app is available to Android and Apple users.

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