Huawei Reveals New Matebook X Pro The Second Time This Year


The Chinese tech giant Huawei is all set to roll out a new Matebook X Pro this year.

Matebook X Pro Coming Soon?

According to the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media, it says that Huawei is all geared up to release their Matebook X Pro. The laptop will belong to the high-end and top-notch category.

As of now, the company has already shown a 2022 model of their flagship laptop at CES, an event that happened six months ago. As far as we know, the previous Matebook X Pro was running the outdated 11th gen chipsets. This is another move from Huawei to roll out a Matebook X Pro with the new 12th gen processors, which were launched at the same event.

The Chinese tech giant is thinking of competing with other companies which are already producing 12th gen laptops right now. As per the leaks and rumors, Huawei has revamped the design of the Matebook X Pro. They have changed the aluminum alloy design to magnesium alloy. The company claims that this finish is ‘skin-soothing.’ There will be an option for the buyers to choose from two colors, white and dark blue.

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The weight has cut down from 1.26 kg. The predecessor came with a 1.38 kg weight. Weight reduction plays an important role in performance. For the screen has the same LCD panel as the predecessor but comes with a higher resolution this time. The 3120×2080 resolution display panel is able to go for a higher refresh rate of 90 Hz. Furthermore, there’s touch support for the users as well.

Matebook X Pro will be packed with features. There’s a whole list of new gestures and a full-size keyboard for the users. The fingerprint sensor housed in the power button is quick and responsive.


According to the reports and sources, the price of the all-new Matebook X Pro is not decided yet, and it’s still unclear. The previous models came with a $1,930 price tag. So we can expect it to be around this price tag, or maybe more. At the moment, nobody is sure about the price tag.

The company is already working on 12th-gen laptops at the moment, and there are no further details for all of the laptops as of now.

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