One Piece 1057 Review: End Of Wano Arc After 4 Years


One Piece 1057 Chapter comes to an end with the end of Wano Arc after 4 years.

One Piece 1057 Review:

As per the reports, One Piece’s manga Chapter 1057 is already out. Every manga and anime fan was very happy with the release. But chapter 1057 turns out to be different for the fan base. In this chapter, the fans had to bid farewell to Wano with a bittersweet feeling. It is no doubt a memorable arc for many fans across the world. It was full of great fights and power-ups with one of the best flashbacks.

Also, there were more deaths than ever, new and important discoveries and advances in the plot. The characters and moments were there for the fans to make them remember this chapter.

Moreover, this chapter ended with the most bittersweet and disappointing ending in the entire series for the fans out there.

For over two years, the fans were seeing Yamato wanting to leave Wano to go on adventures with the Straw Hats. He had said it actively and passively. Whichever is his dream of him, if he made a promise with Ace and that he has been waiting for Luffy for years. Luffy wants to follow in Oden’s footsteps and search for what he said in the torn pages.

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Even she showed up to the crew and said, ‘From now on I will sail with you,’ and probably Luffy wouldn’t have objected to this since he was delighted and offered a place on board. But nothing, what Eiichiro Oda’s wires have been crossed. In the end, from one chapter to another, Yamato feels more like staying up and looking after Wano.

It is totally impossible not even think about Oda has wasted Yamato. In the past years, the character has gone to every stage and done everything for the fans across the world.

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One Piece:

One Piece is an amazing anime based on the manga, One Piece. It has a huge fan base across the world. The story of this manga/anime is based on pirates. The main character of this series, named Monkey D. Luffy, is in search of the ultimate treasure. The treasure’s name is One Piece. Luffy’s main goal is to find legendary treasure and become the King of the Pirates.

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