Twitter Will Ban Impersonators On Twitter As Users Start To Use His Name


Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, will be banning impersonators on Twitter now.

Impersonation Of A Person Will Result In Ban:

According to the reports and sources, it tells that Twitter will be banning those accounts that are impersonating someone on the social media platform. Accounts will be banned if Twitter sees users with the same identification as anyone on the platform.

Twitter has issued a warning before going on the suspension process of the accounts. As of now, Elon Musk has announced that there will be no warning from now on.

There were some accounts that were impersonating Elon Musk, and they mocked the billionaire, but now they are suspended from the social media platform.

Twitter’s billionaire has taken over the company in the late days of October. The last week of October was all about laying off employees from the company’s workforce.

Elon Musk has confirmed that he is planning to allow users to purchase the verification.

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The new policy for the parody accounts, Mr. Elon Musk, has stated, ‘Previously, we issued a warning before the suspension, but now that we are rolling out widespread verification, there will be no warning.

He further added that ‘any name change at all will cause temporary loss of verified checkmark.’

In a tweet on Twitter, he wrote, ‘Going forward, and any Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying ‘parody’ will be permanently suspended.’

There were several accounts that were impersonating Elon Musk on Twitter. One of those accounts included US comedian Kathy Griffin and former NFL player Chris Kluwe.

Also, some other accounts that were parodying ex-President of the US, Donald Trump by comedian Tim Heidecker, will be suspended soon, as per the reports.

Last week, Mr. Musk opposed the permanent bans on Twitter, which also included Mr. Trump’s official account. He said that banned accounts wouldn’t be getting unbanned until there’s a clear process for doing it.

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Twitter is a popular social media platform that lets users interact with their friends, family, and public figures. Most celebrities and famous people use it very often because of the verification process and authenticity. You can follow them if you are a fan of them or anything related to it. It will keep you updated on what they are doing.

The smartphone app of this social media platform is free, and it is available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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