All You Need To Know About The Skins of Dragon Ball Z Coming To Fortnite


According to the leaks and rumors that have been circulating on the internet, it says that Dragon Ball Z skins are coming to the Epic Games’ top battle royale game.

Leaked Dragon Ball Z Skins in Fortnite:

As per the reports, the Dragon Ball Z skins are coming to Fortnite. The gamers in the battle royale game will be able to play with the top characters from DBZ in this new upcoming update.

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As per the leaks, there are talks in the town about a crossover with the popular anime. Gamers will be able to participate in the summer event 2022 with new in-game challenges, activities, and outfits.

Below are the three leaked Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z skins:

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Beerus

A Twitter account that goes by the name of ShiinaBR confirmed this news on the social media platform that these skins are confirmed. Another Twitter account Hypex tweeted that there’s another fourth skin which is most likely to be a female.

Moreover, the account ShiinaBR shared an image of the Creative Stamina Prop bottle that was added to Epic Games’ files. The bottle has a logo that is quite similar to Capulse Corp from DBZ.

When Are The Characters Coming To Fortnite?

According to the reports, it says that Goku and other DBZ skins will be arriving on the battle royale at the end of the month of August.

ShiinaBR is a reliable leaker who posted this on Twitter. Epic Games haven’t confirmed this yet, but this collaboration will be happening in the future because Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be coming out with English dubs in August.

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A little about Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z:

Fortnite is an amazing battle royale game that was developed by Epic Games, and it was released in 2017. The game has over 30 million players playing it on a daily basis. The fan base of this game is pretty huge, and Fortnite has done many collaborations in the past with many other brands and companies. Players can play this game on their phones, tablets, consoles, or computers. The game has three modes: Save The World, Battle Royale, and Creative.

Talking about the most popular anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z is pretty much famous among the people in this world. It has a huge fanbase around the world. The anime has the main characters Goku and Vegeta, who many people love and like. These both will be coming to Fortnite along with Beerus and one another, who isn’t confirmed yet.

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