Single Phone Charger Reform Approved In EU, Apple Forced To Adapt


The tech giant, Apple, is forced to change the charging port in their new lineup of phones.

New Charging Port in iPhones:

According to the reports and sources that are present on social media and the internet, it tells that some sources told the famous media outlet, Reuters, that Apple is currently working on bringing a different type of charging port in their iPhones. The European Union wants to see this change as soon as possible. Apple will be implementing these new ways in the Autumn of 2024.

When the reform was passed, it was overwhelming for the majority in the European Parliament on Tuesday. It was the first of its kind that happened in the world. It made headlines for the EU’s role in bringing something different to smartphone technology. The votes confirmed all the earlier agreements for all of the EU institutions.

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These new rules will make USB-C the standard connecting port across the 27-nation bloc. It has forced Apple to change the charging port for their iPhones and other devices.

It will be applied to every laptop from 2026. It will give manufacturers longer to adapt. However, most of the devices nowadays have USB-C.

It is expected that Apple will be the most affected of the big providers of gadgets and devices to European customers. Some of the analysts are saying this impact can turn out to be positive if it encourages shoppers to purchase new devices of Apple.

European semiconductor manufacturers started to rose on Tuesday after the voting was done. It included Apple’s suppliers, STMicro, and Infineon.

This deal covers e-readers, earbuds, and other technologies. It will have an impact on Samsung, Huawei, and other device manufacturers, as the analysts have said.

All of the device makers weren’t able to comment on this issue immediately.

Alex Agius Saliba, the EU lawmaker who steered the reform through the EU assembly, has said, under the reform, mobile phones and other devices that are going up for sale after Autumn 2024 have to be compatible with a single charger. The selling of old chargers will not be outlawed. Customers who are using older phones will be able to purchase accessories of the older port.

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USB Type-C:

USB Type-C is the latest connector that is developed by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). It is a group of industry leaders within the consumer electronics community. Some of the leading companies are Apple, Dell, and Belkin. This new way of USB is adopted by the world’s most recognized manufacturers, and they are supporting it.

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