Cartoon Network To Merge With Warner Bros – Fans Furious With The Merger


Cartoon Network is merging with the top-notch publisher Warner Bros. Fans curious about this merge across the world.

Cartoon Network Merging With Warner Bros:

As per the news and sources that are circulating on social media and the internet, which tells that Cartoon Network is merging with Warner Bros, the recent announcement is making fans furious worldwide. These new reports started to confirm that Cartoon Network Studious will be undergoing a special overhaul.

The studio will be merged with Warner Bros. Animation as the pair’s parent company will be restructuring its other organizations.

As per the media news outlet, Collider, this news was shared in a meme which was then shared company-wide as all of the employees came to know that Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation, both companies, are merging. Both two studios will be combined to form a new animation team as part of their ‘strategic realignment’ for Warner Bros. Discovery.

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This latest news started to come out shortly after there were some announcements related to a round of major layoffs that happened in Warner Bros. Television Group. It is said that the company laid off around 82 of its resources, and it was confirmed that around 43 vacant positions wouldn’t be filled. These layoffs ranged from scripted to unscripted television, as well as in the animation department.

Back in the month of August, there was news related to HBO Max that they would be removing more than 30 animated series from their catalog. It included Infinity Train and other hit titles. Most of these were removed with cancellations behind the scenes, including Scoob and Batgirl. There were reports that suggested that the removal of titles has happened for cost-saving measures, and animation creators were quick to Warner Bros. Discovery for this move.

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What Does Cartoon Network Say About This?

According to the sources, Cartoon Network’s art director David DePasquale addressed fans across the world. Everyone was pretty much worried about this merge. He said, “These are decisions that affect real people, studios, & jobs. I work there. You can stand by whatever you’d like, but you sensationalizing it and guiding people to extrapolate that CNS is basically dead is really shitty, especially for those of us who still have a job there. Do better.”

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