Chinese Flying Car Makes First Public Flight In Dubai

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A flying car built by Chinese EV maker Xpeng Inc will be making its public flight in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Flying Car Making Its Public Flight in Dubai:

As per the sources and news, it tells that a flying car that was built by Xpeng Inc, a Chinese electronic vehicle maker, will be making its first public flight in the UAE. The company has been working towards releasing an electric aircraft for the international markets.

The X2 is a two-seater electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that will be flying on eight propellers. Two at each corner of this vehicle.

There was a 90-second test flight that happened in Dubai. The manufacturer has said that it’s a step towards the “important base for the next generation of flying cars.”

Minguan Qiu, general manager of Xpeng Aeroht, has said, “We are making step-by-step (moves) to the international market. First, we selected Dubai city because Dubai is the most innovative city in the world.”

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Background of XPENG AEROHT:

XPENG AEROHT is an affiliate of XPeng Inc. It is the largest flying car company that is operating in Asia. The company is integrating intelligent vehicles and modern aviation. They are looking forward to producing the safest intelligent electric flying cars for every individual in this world. For their future plans, they have planned to provide products and solutions in the field of 3D transportation.

Xpeng tested the prototype of a flying car back in 2016. In 2018, the first manned flight of the prototype flying car went successfully. Then after that, there were more than 1500 flights completed at the end of 2018. Back in 2019, they successfully developed and tested XPENG X1. It won first place in an individual flying platform competition of CPLA and then won multiple design awards, such as the IF Design Award, Red Dot Design, IDEA, etc. Xpeng managed to bag all of these awards in a short period of time.

In the month of April 2020, there was a two-seater prototype flying car that completed its first flight successfully. Then in July 2020, He Xiaopeng and Xpeng invested together and held Huitian. XPENG AEROHT was officially established in September 2022. After two months, the single-seater XPENG X1 was successfully developed and tested.

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XPENG X2 successfully made its first flight test in June 2021. Then the first-manned flight test was done in the same year.

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