One Piece Chapter 1060: Spoilers, Release Date – Where is Sabo & Where to For Straw Hats?


One Piece’s new chapter is in the pipeline, and it will be here in the upcoming days.

Release Date and Timings:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that there’s a new chapter of One Piece is coming soon for anime fans across the world. The release date is 19th September 2022. However, the timings will be different for all of the fans across the world.

Below are the timings with the release date:

  • Pacific Daylight time – 18th September (8 AM)
  • Central Daylight time – 18th September (10 AM)
  • Eastern Daylight time – 18th September (11 AM)
  • British Summer Time – 18th September (4 PM)
  • Central European Summer Time – 18th September (5 PM)
  • Indian Standard time – 18th September (8:30 PM)
  • Philippine Time – 18th September (11 PM)
  • Australian Central Daylight Time – 19th September (12:30 AM)

The new chapter will be available on Shueisha’s Shōnen Jump+ and Viz Media’s Manga Plus. You will find fresh new content on these apps and websites because these are the official platforms for the series. All the fans from around the world are encouraged to use these platforms to support the creator and the series. You can also read about the previous chapters from these apps and platforms.

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There are no such spoilers that are out for the fans across the world. As of now, nobody is sure what will be happening in the new chapter, but we can take a recap of what happened in Chapter 1059.

In the last chapter, Marco leaves behind the Red Hair Pirate’s ship, thanking them for bringing him home. The phoenix pirate had a flashback of the conversation that he had with Luffy and Yamato. This all happened before leaving the Land of Wano.

Far from this, Amazon Lily, Boa was in sorrow because of the recent attack. The former warlord had a flashback that showed the fans her home island was under attack by the Marines and Blackbeard Pirates. Boa somehow made it out alive from there because of Rayleigh’s intervention.

This chapter also revealed the World Government’s new Pacifistas, who used to look pretty much the same as the Warlords. In the end, Koby ends up being kidnapped by Blackbeard and his crew.

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Now that some of the fans have a short recap of what happened in the previous chapter, they can look after the fresh new content in the upcoming chapter.

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