iOS 16 Will Detect Clone AirPods – Fake AirPods Alert


Apple’s latest addition to iOS is here for Apple enthusiasts.

iOS 16 Detecting Clone AirPods:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, Apple has rolled out its new iOS this week. The all-new iOS will be against the fake Apple AirPods clones that are available in the marketplaces.

This new feature will warn the users whenever they try to connect the clone AirPods to their smartphones. The tech giant, Apple, has explained why they have the ‘Cannot Verify AirPods’ alert works in the new iOS.

iOS 16 Fake AirPods Alert:

It’s that time of the year again when Apple is rolling out a new lineup of iPhones with the latest version of iOS. It comes with new features and some refinements. There’s a new feature that tells the users that their AirPods are fake or they are a clone of Apple’s AirPods. At the moment, there are many fake AirPods that are available in the marketplace these days.

If you are looking to buy AirPods, note that the replicas and copies of AirPods are pretty much similar. Someone who’s unknown to these gadgets might easily believe that they are original AirPods. Meanwhile, some days before Apple rolled out the latest iOS, this feature was leaked to many people out there.

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As per the recent reports by 9to5 Mac, internal system files of the latest iOS 16 were leaked, which hinted that Apple would be coming at the fakes and clones of their AirPods. They will be rolling out a feature that will detect counterfeits.

This new alert tells the users whenever they connect a fake AirPods pair. It will show as ‘Cannot Verify AirPods,’ ‘These headphones could not be verified as genuine AirPods and may not behave as expected.’

In a report by Mac Rumors, the document writer, Steve Moser, tells us how this new alert feature does its job.

Apple’s support page has its very own dedicated page for the ‘Cannot Verify AirPods’ alert. It says the new feature tells the users of iPhones, iPad, and iPod touch if they are using Apple’s original AirPods.

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Apple also says that users can still opt to connect or disconnect even after getting the ‘Cannot Verify’ warning appears on their device. It means that users will be able to use the earbuds further ahead, but they will be notified if their AirPods are real or not.

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