Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 205: Release Date & Spoilers


Jujutsu Kaisen will be coming back for manga fans across the world with a new and fresh chapter.

Chapter 205:

According to the sources and media outlets, it tells that the new chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen is currently in the pipeline. It will be coming soon for manga fans worldwide. They have to wait for some days, and they will be able to experience the incredible story. However, many fans are expecting pretty much from this chapter.


There are sources that tell that there is some information related to Choso’s condition. Some of the people say he will be drawing some more through his sheer will, but still, he won’t be able to attack Kenjaku.

If there’s something that the new chapter will showing us will be a clear difference between Kenjaku and Choso’s powers. Kenjaku has more power and tricks in him, more than we can think. The ending panel of the chapter showed that Kenjaku successfully detected Choso’s technique, Super Nova.

Later on, turns out, Kenjaku has something similar to Gojo’s barrier/technique, which makes him imperceptible.

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Lastly, Yuki arrived at the battle scene after Choso ended up in grave danger. There were previous conversations that Yuki missed, and now he doesn’t want to him to sacrifice himself. Moreover, she then intervened. However, Kenjaku didn’t show some next-level tricks.

Yuki has referred to Choso as ‘Big Brother’ and praises him a lot. There’s some refreshing comradery between both of the characters. Albeit, fans have to wait and find out if Choso will continue to fight next to Yuki or save himself from ending up in a horrible state.

Fans have to wait for some days to experience what will be happening in the manga this time. They have to wait for the release time, and they will be happy that the new chapter will be packing some serious fun for them.

Release Date:

According to the sources and rumors, it is said that Viz’s latest update tells that the manga is on a break this week. However, Chapter 205 will be dropping on 27th November 2022. This break happened suddenly, and the fans didn’t expect this coming. Fans are anxiously waiting for the new chapter.

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Where To Read:

JJK (Jujutsu Kaisen) is officially published in Weekly Shonen Jump by Shueisha. It will be available for manga fans to read on Viz Media and Mangaplus. Both of the platforms will allow the visitors to read the latest three chapters for free.

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