Musk To Hold Twitter Blue Tick As Imposter Accounts Flood In


Twitter’s new Blue Tick subscription is making headlines everywhere with the accounts that started to flood the social media platform.

Twitter’s Blue Tick Subscription Service:

According to the reports and sources, in recent days, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, thought of giving the Blue-Tick verification to the users who will be subscribing to the service. The service would cost them $8, and they will get their account verified with a blue tick next to their username.

In the news, there were many imposter accounts that started to flood the social media platform. People started to notice that most of the accounts were fake and they don’t belong to the original person. Most of these accounts were impersonating a public figure or a celebrity. Elon Musk took notice of this, and later on, he started to suspend the accounts with no further notice.

This move by fake accounts caused chaos on the social media platform, and it was the very first scene which happened after the takeover by Elon Musk of this company.

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Before the acquisition of this company, the ‘blue tick’ was granted to only celebrities and journalists, which Twitter verified on its own. The ‘blue tick’ was all about differentiating the real person and preventing impersonation. However, now anyone on the platform can easily have a verified account by paying $8 to the social media platform.

This verification caused some celebrities to come forward and tell their audience about how there are accounts which are impersonating them. Pope Francis, and George W Bush, to name a few.

Most advertisers started to lift their business from Twitter because of the strict rules and regulations. These fake accounts are already costing much to the social media platform right now. On top of that, the mass layoff happened, and some high-profile individuals left the company.

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Two Types of Blue-Ticks:

At the moment, there are two types of blue ticks on the social media platform right now. One includes the accounts which were verified before the takeover of Musk. This verification tells that ‘This account is verified because it’s notable in government, news, entertainment, or another designated category.’ If you hover your mouse, you will get this message displayed.

The other blue tick is the one you will be purchasing for a month by paying $8 to the social media platform.

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