Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Drops To $230 For The First Time


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 got a slash on its price for the very first time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price Cut Down:

According to the reports and sources that are present on the internet and online marketplaces, it says that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 is getting a price cut down for the first time. It will be dropping to $230 for the customers. It will be getting the price slash on the upcoming Black Friday that is around the corner. However, some of the reports have said that the beefier spec of this watch will be dropping $70 from its original price.

For people who have been waiting all over a year to get their hands on the Galaxy Watch, now is the time when they can secure a unit for their own use.

Some reliable sources have told us that they have spotted the Galaxy Watch 5 around the 250$ mark at some retailers. Some stores were letting go of the Galaxy Watch 5 at 230$. However, you can’t buy the Graphite version as it is currently sold out right now. The deal is only available for the Pink, Gold and Silver variants of this smartwatch. The lowest price for the GPS 40mm watch version, and if you are looking forward to LTE connectivity, it will be setting you back $280.

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The 44-millimetre GPS version costs $260 in this sale, but the size jumps to $310 if you are in search of using mobile internet.

Some of the popular retailers have put some amazing deals on these smartwatches to let their customers have whichever they were looking forward to throughout the year. Most of these gadgets will be up on good discounts on this Black Friday sale and Cyber Monday sale. If you have a limited budget and don’t want to break the bank, then you can go for the Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5:

Samsung Galaxy Watch is an amazing wearable that is available in the market right now. It packs some amazing features, which include Wear OS, solid performance, an improved health sensor, and a Sapphire Crystal Glass design. It is an ideal smartwatch for many users out there who just want a straightforward smartwatch that will give them a good battery life and a cool set of features.

You can get your hands on these smartwatches of Galaxy from any retailer. You can match the price and go for the option that has the most discounted price.

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