Samsung Reveals New Camera Assistant App: Here Is What You Can Do With It


Samsung has recently revealed its new camera assistant app. Users can wonder with this app.

New Camera Assistant App from Samsung:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Korean-giant Samsung has rolled out a new camera assistant app with the new One UI 5.0 software update. They have improved the mobile camera experience with a new app designed.

As per reliable sources, it tells that the Camera Assistant was developed by the Good Lock team. However, it is not dependent on the Good Lock experimental platform. More to this, you can download this app from the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy device if you are living in a region where you don’t have access to Good Lock.

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What Does the Camera Assistant Do?

Camera Assistant has an ideal presentation. Users will get one screen containing a bunch of toggle switches as well as drop-down menus that will change the behaviour of your camera’s certain features.

Auto HDR:

This option comes pre-enabled by default. This feature clicks pictures with more details in the bright and dark areas of your pictures and videos.

Soften Pictures:

With this feature enabled, you will get sharper edges and textures on your photos in the Photo mode. It comes disabled by default, but you can turn it on to experiment with this feature.

Auto lens switching:

This feature comes enabled by default. It will allow the Camera app to pick the best lens as per your zooming capabilities, lighting and distance to the subject. You can disable this option to have more control over the sensor which you are using.

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Video recording in Photo mode:

If you don’t like the existing option by touching and holding the Shutter button to record videos in the Photo mode, you can turn this off. The feature comes turned on by default in the Camera Assistant app.

A number of pictures after the timer:

This new option comes in handy, which will allow the users to determine how many pictures their phone’s camera has captured so far whenever they set a timer. You can pick from 1, 3, 5 to 7 pictures as per your needs.

Faster shutter:

This feature is all about the speed of the shutter. You can speed up the shutter speed or lower it according to your needs. However, speeding up the shutter will capture fewer frames, but the result that will come out will be a decreased picture quality.

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