One Piece Manga On Break For 2 Weeks After Chapter 1061


The famous manga is going on a break for two weeks after the release of Chapter 1061.

OP Manga On Break:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on social media and the internet, it tells that the One Piece Manga will be going on a break for two weeks. It means we won’t be getting the 1062 Chapter any time soon. There will be a break for two weeks between 1061 and 1062. These early leaks are focused on the issue’s release schedule but not on the story.

As per reliable leakers and trusted news sources, Chapter 1062 will be delayed by one week. As of now, there are reports that fans won’t be seeing the issue’s official release until 7th October.

The news that came from a reliable leaker tells that the apparent change in the release schedule for One Piece Chapter 1062 comes as fans are waiting for more hints and brief spoilers. At the moment, the notification of the 1062 delay didn’t come with any tease of story content for Chapter 1062.

There are some reasons why Oda would be taking this break. There are reports of a few options which stand out from the crowd and that there are recent developments. One option says that Oda needs some time to fully flush out Reverie’s events.

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Meanwhile, Oda has planned out a general idea that he needs to work through the specific details and events which will lead up to Cobra’s death and Vivi’s kidnapping. Moreover, he will also need to show exactly how the Revolutionary Army commanders will be able to escape with Kuma while Sabo is forced to stay behind.

There are possibilities that there will be an upcoming battle scene which Oda needs some time to draw in a more detailed way. It’s possible that Straw Hats will be against another pirate crew in that battle. This potential battle will show readers how Reverie’s events went down with Sabo and the Commanders. It is already confirmed that they have fought Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

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Release Date:

According to the reports and sources, it tells that the release date is on 9th October. Before that, we will be experiencing raw scans and spoilers of Chapter 1062. Still, at the moment, nobody is sure that 1062 will be coming on the same date, or maybe it will get delayed once again.

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