Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 196: Spoilers & Rumors


Jujutsu Kaisen’s Chapter 196 is in the pipeline, and it will be coming soon for manga fans across the world.

Chapter 196:

According to the reports and rumors that are rotating on social media and the internet, it tells that the popular Japanese action manga, Jujutsu Kaisen. Chapter 196 is currently in the works, and it will be out soon for manga fans across the world.

What Happened in Chapter 195:

At the moment, nobody knows what will be happening in Chapter 196. However, we can take some hints from the last chapter, and we have already seen two new characters in the Sakurajima colony. Daido Hagane searched the whole town for a katana. Later on, he discovers a toy katana from demon slayers that speaks when it gets touched. Meanwhile, Miyo Rokujushi, a new character, who is a lover of sumo and looks up to rivals for a fight.

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Miyo has been coming across a lot of kids, but as of now, he can’t find anybody to play sumo with him. However, he ends up in a present scenario where Noritoshi is fighting Naoya’s cursed soul. Naoya attacks Noritoshi, but Maki blocks the strike with her weapons and saves him. After some moments, Maki can’t recover properly.

Moreover, Daido yells at Katana when he takes a look at Maki’s blade, and then Maki throws it over to him. As Maki, Daido is not a curse user, so he picks up the sword and surprises everyone around him.

Release Date and Time:

As per the rumors and leaks, it tells that Jujutsu Kaisen’s Chapter 196 release date is 4th September 2022. Manga fans have to wait for some days to experience Chapter 196. It will be released at 11:30 AM according to the Pacific Time on Sunday. Manga fans who want to read the new chapter can go and read on Viz Media and Manga Plus app.

Spoilers for Chapter 196:

The raw scan of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 196 will be out on the 2nd or 3rd of September. As of now, nobody is sure when the proper raw scans will be coming. According to some sources, there will be new characters in the new chapter. However, we will get to see what is happening in Chapter 196.

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Fans will be looking forward to experiencing the JJK Chapter 196 this week. If you are a fan and you aren’t subscribed to Viz Media and Manga Plus, subscribe to it now.

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