What Can You Expect From The Upcoming Xbox Update?


The plan to add multiple changes to the game titles on the dashboard had been initiated quite a while ago but Xbox has now begun its alpha testing. As of right now, the dashboard doesn’t do much except display games and graphics. However, it was missing the additional information that the users actually wanted.

The display does allow the users to customize it to some extent, such as pining titles and combining contents they enjoy, but the user interface lacks some vital information.

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The New And Improved Dashboard

Addressing these concerns, the Xbox team is developing ways to make the content more accessible and easy for gamers to fetch. This is especially helpful to gamers who have a lot of content at hand, such as those who partake in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Though the content allows them to have a great experience, it can become quite hard to manage in no time. So, Xbox is initiating this upgrade where the players will have information about which tiles are available and which ones are not.

Eden Marie, the lead Xbox engineer, revealed the new interface in a recent Twitter post. The released image shows the labels that will be added to the games on the dashboard, which are there to let the players know the reason behind their unavailability.

For instance, the labels and symbols can inform users that a game’s disk is missing, the game itself has been removed, or the game is no longer playable since it is not a part of Game Pass.

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How Is It Helping The Gamers?

For many regular gamers, this might not be a significant upgrade but pro-gamers will definitely benefit from this. If you are someone who has a library full of games along with a collection of physical content used for the Xbox Series X consoles, you will certainly love this new, innovative dashboard.

Xbox gamers can see from the proposed upgrade that the system is committed to enhancing the gaming experience. The new version also highlights a wide range of potential causes for game failures.

The issues faced by players, such as getting signed out, lacking a license, or the simple inability to play, will be much clearer for them to understand. Overall, Xbox promises its players an ultimate Xbox experience they have been craving for quite some while.


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