Nintendo 3DS: Switch Remaster Rumors


Based on a recent rumor, Nintendo 3DS could be featuring an upgraded port to the switch in the upcoming year. This port is said to help enhance many of the current exclusive Nintendo games along with their remasters. The fans are eager to know if this rumor is really a reality and if it will really enhance the way they used to play their classic games.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Will Be Getting A New Lease On Life

Masahiro Sakurai, a famous game director who worked on the Super Smash Bros series, took quite a detour from the series and started directing Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game, to this day, remains a 3DS exclusive and is quite expensive, even when bought second-hand.  It is getting even harder for fans to obtain the game with the impending closure of the Nintendo 3DS e-store.

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Although according to new rumors, Kid Icarus: Uprising might be getting an upgrade in the form of a remaster or a Nintendo Switch port. These were all predictions made by Zippo, who has been accurate about these things in the past. He allegedly claims that the game is being upgraded and will likely include a fresh color scheme and enhanced graphics.

The online multiplayer features from the original are apparently still going to be present. The game is rumored to be coming out at some point in 2023, but for the time being, gamers should treat this information with extreme skepticism.

Nintendo’s Upgrade Is Set To Solve Fan’s Biggest Complaints

If the information provided by Zippo is accurate and Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendo port is real, some of the biggest problems faced by the game’s fans and critics will be solved. Kid Icarus: Uprising received a lot of positive reviews when it was first released, but the controls caused controversy. Kid Icarus: Uprising might be easier to play and available to a broader audience as compared to the 3DS original thanks to the revised control scheme.

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Talking about ports, Nintendo, in the past, has only focused on porting games that are Wii exclusive. Now, it would be great to see 3DS games get the same treatment and be introduced in a much better and more innovative manner. We’re sure that the fans are really excited for Nintendo to make this news official and provide some insight on the all-new ports.

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